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Bada Bing

Unexpected Way To Pay For The 19" Coil

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Bada Bing    153

Update: As the weather here last weekend was pretty average I did a specie smash (as a few others over here in WA did). I smashed a bunch of species but kept this one by itself just to see what it actually had in it. The estimate was 20.9 grams from the calculator.

Tragically for my poor mates it panned out to be 28 grams. It is probably more as there was floating gold everywhere in the pan. I've kept everything from the pans to fire off in a single fire just to be 100% sure.




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normmcq    311

Bada Bing

 That specie with that much gold is an amazing find especially with the 19" and had been invisable to the other detectors. Congratulations on that find. 

 It really doesn't surprise me that the gold content was much highher than expected. I am attaching a picture of a specie that I found with the 14" that a specific gravity test shows a negative amount of gold. Maybe it has a void in it and causes a false weight.



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Col Douglas    34
10 hours ago, Bada Bing said:

....there was floating gold everywhere in the pan. I've kept everything from the pans to fire off in a single fire just to be 100% sure.




Great result Bada Bing. Might be a good idea to go back to where you got it and start digging.

The " floating gold" reminded me of what an old pro said to me once: " If you get floating flour gold in your pan, dig straight down, it could indicate a supergene"

Further to this, here is an extract from one of the "Gold and Ghosts" series of books written by David De Havelland :


Does anyone know more about this?


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    • By Chris Ben
      Made it out for a half day this past weekend, covered a lot of ground, but was worth it. The biggest was 5.4g and was over a foot down, 3 inches into hard caliche. Loving the GPZ. 
      Did well with the meteorites as well.
    • By Col Douglas

      Quite apart from the fact that you don't have to dig it up , but just pick it up, there's something special about finding a "sun baker" gold nugget. This one weighed 3.8 grams, and was recently found in the Pilbara in northern Western Australia. Can you see it?
    • By Steve Herschbach
      So where are the posts from people using Fisher, Garrett, Makro, Nokta, Tesoro, White's, XP, and other brands of detectors other than Minelab?
      According to my last detector survey there are lots of Gold Bug 2, Gold Bug Pro, TDI/TDIPro/TDISL/SPP, and GMT/GM3/VSAT out there in particular.
      Yet when I review any metal detecting forums anywhere nugget finds posted with these machines are few and far between. Do people own these machines but don't use them much? Too shy to post? Intimidated by the "Minelab Mafia"?
      You people that do outings. What do you observe as far as detector ownership and people finding gold? How much success are people having with non-Minelab detectors?
      So where are you guys and gals? Do you exist and do you find gold?
    • By Swifty
      I live in the Southern California just north of  Los Angeles. Its been HOT, real hot the last few weeks and I wanted to get out detecting but the idea of hunting new patches in air temps of 100 degrees or more just did not seem appealing until this morning.  We have  had a few wild fires spreading around the Los Angeles area and even thou they are many miles from me, the wind was blowing  the smoke in my direction. That was enough to get me driving out to the gold fields. I arrived at the area  I wanted to start swinging my zed  and decided to change up my settings. Im a smooth threshold person, cant stand a chattery threshold, but since I was going to be covering old ground I decided to turn up the settings as far as I could and see what happens Sometimes it pays to step out of your comfort zone,  2.26g .56g .05g

    • By Steve Herschbach
      It's been a slow go this year as I explore completely new locations off the beaten track (which usually means a skunk) or finding the last few nuggets in well pounded patches. Get them fast or get them slow however - they still add up.

      This hunt was almost entirely with the GPZ19 as I had a large area to grid with minimal chances of gold plus I wanted to get more hours in with the large coil. It has gone from a coil I thought I basically would never use to one that I will be using more often going forward. The coil seems to run slightly smoother with my Insanely Hot Settings as it reacts a bit less to near surface mineralization and hot rocks. The coil does have more issues with alkali ground than the stock coil, but the new Patch Mode (Locate Patch) seems just right for the 19" coil at a lot of places I hunt. The GPZ19 is great for covering large open areas where I think nuggets will be few and far between. In other words, I am looking more for ground coverage than depth - extra depth is a bonus.
      The Gold Monster 1000 was a great aid in pinpointing. Not so much for when digging a deep nugget (though it is helpful for that) as for making short work of the ever present surface ferrous trash. Nothing like a 19" DOD coil for chasing tiny brown ferrous bits in brown dirt, and that GPZ19 coil will hit little trash far better than one might think!
      Anyway, just a few nuggets adding up to almost 3 pennyweight (4.4 grams) this outing. Largest nugget 2 grams. The four on right were found with GPZ 7000 and two on left with Gold Monster 1000 (10" coil). Click photos for larger versions.

      The larger Gold Monster nugget has some nice character in closeup....

    • By Deft Tones
      Finds first:

      So back at the end of June I scouted a new park and potential jewelry patch but due to oppressive heat and drought conditions in July and most of August I've only been back three times since then. In addition to climate, my detecting time has severely been cut because jiu jitsu takes over our family life 4 nights a week as my kids and wife found themselves addicted to the dojo and choking people.  I'm a bad influence, I guess.
      Two weeks ago (my last real 6 hour detecting session) I ran into another detectorist at this park working his Ace around the same goal net I worked back in June. Soon we were chatting and then kinda hunting together as he sort of followed me around, which was slightly annoying when I'm used to being alone, but that's me, not him really.
      Anyway, while we were hitting various spots around the park I picked up a small 10k ring at the edge of one playground. 4th hunt here and gold! 1.4 grams 10kt (unknown triangle mark)
      We finally got more rain and I went back to this patch a few days ago. I went to one of the softball backstops the other detectorist and I hunted around a few weeks back. I was mindlessly pulling square tabs three feet from the backstop fence, trying to reduce the trash load, when to my surprise gold #2 appeared - 7.4 grams 14kt FG mens band! Boom!  1 hour 45min into the hunt.
      Same tone as the older style square pull tabs and just about into bottlecap range. In fact, I dug a few square tabs that while on the surface sound and VDI the same as the ring. That's without headphones and using the module's external speaker, btw.
      After 5 hunts of maybe 35 hours I am pleased with the new patch so far. Almost two dozen junk jewelry, over $25 - 30 in change and one silver ring, one silver dove pin (no picture) and two gold rings. 
      Both rings taken with Deus 4.0 11" coil, full tones, 0 discrimination, 0 notch 18khz.
      Thanks for peeking and good hunting to you.