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Hi got a custom coil for whites TDI hand made in France by a top engineer ,i bought if for my deepstar but never used it.

So whats more well this coil is the dog on the beach,less noises more stable and 2 to 4 inches deeper ,also a better ID of ferrous targets by a double bio easier to hear.

The engineer is Alexandre Tartare owner of MANTA METAL DETECTORS




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    • By Highlandhowler
      Im selling a brand new never used Goldbug 2.It comes with two coils with covers, both 6,5" and 10".The detector 
      doesnt have the original box/packaging ,as It is being stored in a carry case which unfortunately is not included in the sale.
      I will put pics up asap in the next day or so
      Im asking for $735  and shipping will be split down the middle 50/50
      Happy Detecting
    • By Mark Gillespie
      You might be thinking, what is the big deal, but...
      This dime came from a hunted out site using the TDI and the OZ 12" coil.  The coil was loaned to me by GB_Amateur aka Steve.  I have been hunting this small area, maybe 50' x 100' for over 2 years.  This site has given up many silver and copper coins.  The site has also been hunted by two of my hunting buddies using the CTX 3030, Whites DFX, Fisher F75 and of course the TDI.  The OZ coil is super deep in this area and extremely stable.  I also dug over 10 nice large nails prior to finding this dime.  I must admit I had been purposely looking for only the deeper sounding targets and ignoring the shallow one.  I might add one more thing, all the nails sounded about the same, but I dug anyway.  On the other hand the dime sounded strange compared to the nails.  Can't explain the actual sound, but hope to soon, hear it again.   If possible I might try to record the actual audio and post for all to hear.
      May be a few days before getting to hunt again, weather will turn much colder this weekend. 
      Thanks again Steve.

    • By hawkeye
      I am selling my lightly used and like new CTX 3030.  I got it to entertain myself in the summer when not able to detect for gold.  I found that hunting for coins, etc. was not something I enjoyed.  It was purchased in April, 2016, transferable warranty good to April 2019.  Complete, in box, with all the accessories.  I will also include the Andy Sabisch CTX 3030 Handbook (not shown in pictures).  Asking $1649 shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  I will accept PayPal or U.S. Postal Money Orders.  Please post inquiries on this thread or send me a PM.

    • By AuWanderer
      UPDATE :  Huge price drop and new pictures. 
      I've decided to sell this one, thought I'd keep it..but she must go. Found this sucker about 3 years ago, used an older 17" Elliptical coiltek ....dug down about 16" and this beauty of gold and quartz saw sunshine. I did a SG test on it and showed around 9.58 grams...she's nice as she is...and would be a nice specimen to add to someone's mineral collection.
      asking 550.00 for it....p/m/ if you have any questions. Includes shipping and signature verification. 

    • By Mark Gillespie
      Revisited the bad lands today. This time settings were a little different. Still a lot of nails in this area, but this time I opted to hear only low conductors and it paid off. One 10k GF and a nice 10k class ring.
      And of course the double handfuls of beer tabs, beaver tails and pencil erasers.
      All in all a pretty good hunt.
      Todays settings were:
      gain 6
      GB 6
      delay 18
      low conductors

    • By WesD
      Nice collection of gold nuggets from the  historic California Motherload country.
       Weight is 1/2 oz troy   (15.55 grams)
      Priced at $45 per gram
      I would split and sell half or all
      Thanks, Wes