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Des D

For Sale Gpx5000 / 4800 / 4500 Quik Trac Handle Kit

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 2 of these Minelab GPX 5000 / 4800 / 4500 / 4000 handle kits available absolutely Brand New

Consisting of:

GPX ground balance Quik Trac button (green) handle with wire to connect to control box

GPX battery cable

Car charger

Two piece metal arm cup

Neoprene arm rest cover

Nuts & bolts for all of the connections

Bow knuckle 

Bungee cable


To buy these items separately could be close to US $ 300.00

Available for US $ 171.00 incl Postage & Packing AIR MAIL anywhere (if Tracking is required add US $ 12.00

Just 2 kits available...(171 each) why not have ALL your spares in a kit form in an emergency!!!





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Reduced to $141.00 and postage still included to CONUS

(limited offer and will be withdrawn if no interest)

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      Above is a quote from Jasong, from another thread that hits the nail on the head. Somewhat a forbidden topic on OZ forums, which I guess says a lot about social media. This matter has been touched on by others when speaking about the "new age" coils on the Xs in other threads. While I`m a confirmed and dedicated Z user, I recognise because I`ve experienced the ability of these coils and how they have closed the gap( in the field on undisturbed gold), plus in some cases exceeded the Zs ability. Saying that I`ve also experienced more cases where the Z exceeds the Xs ability.
      But it is interesting and really says it all about the dominance of ML, their only true competition to their latest serious gold detector is their model it replaced. This has been so for how many years?  What are the other detector manufacturers doing? And why is it sort of "taboo" to post about this subject?
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      I am selling my lightly used and like new CTX 3030.  I got it to entertain myself in the summer when not able to detect for gold.  I found that hunting for coins, etc. was not something I enjoyed.  It was purchased in April, 2016, transferable warranty good to April 2019.  Complete, in box, with all the accessories.  I will also include the Andy Sabisch CTX 3030 Handbook (not shown in pictures).  Asking $1649 shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  I will accept PayPal or U.S. Postal Money Orders.  Please post inquiries on this thread or send me a PM.

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      UPDATE :  Huge price drop and new pictures. 
      I've decided to sell this one, thought I'd keep it..but she must go. Found this sucker about 3 years ago, used an older 17" Elliptical coiltek ....dug down about 16" and this beauty of gold and quartz saw sunshine. I did a SG test on it and showed around 9.58 grams...she's nice as she is...and would be a nice specimen to add to someone's mineral collection.
      asking 550.00 for it....p/m/ if you have any questions. Includes shipping and signature verification. 

    • By WesD
      Nice collection of gold nuggets from the  historic California Motherload country.
       Weight is 1/2 oz troy   (15.55 grams)
      Priced at $45 per gram
      I would split and sell half or all
      Thanks, Wes

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      Over ten years ago I was pushing pretty hard on the idea that high power pulse induction detectors would eventually find use for more than just nugget detecting. Relic hunters in bad ground seemed a particularly obvious situation where PI detectors could pick up where the VLFs left off.
      Daniel TN just made a great post over at Dankowski’s about the shift from VLF to PI, and how the PI use progressed up the power ladder from Garrett Infinium to White’s TDI to Minelab GPX.
      I ended up calling this Steve’s Law Of Target Depletion. The basic premise is that if high value targets exist, people will start with discriminating VLF detectors and dig the easy targets. However, knowing good finds remain, over time more trash is dug and more powerful detectors used. As long as any chance of a good find remains, this progression will ultimately deplete a good location of all targets, good and bad.
      Prospectors see this all the time. A location will start with trash and gold. VLFs cherry pick out the easy stuff. Then the “dig it all” troops go to work. Sooner or later you get to where just finding a target, any target, gets to be a challenge. Yet as long as a single target remains, good finds still might happen. If nothing else the trash can hide good targets lurking below, and so even trash remaining can be a good sign. You can never call a place detected out until no targets at all remain in the ground that can be found. And even then, a newer, more powerful detector may make the place come to life again, at least for a time.