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I have a reedman  battery pac that  i would like to sell

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Does it have the charger with it? And how much you want for it?

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Yes it has the charger and I will ship for $80.00. However I am currently on my way to Nev. then Ca. and its in Az. and I won't be home until Round the first part of Sept.

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Ok, i kinda am looking to get one sooner than that. But i will keep it in mind.  Thanks

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16 hours ago, Rod K said:

Anyone know...

Believe it or not, check vape shops (or their suppliers..)

Don't really recall seeing any 1.8 AAs with bigtime mah tho, so thinking, still for the moment at least, it's reidman's -- or now too CAGH build..


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vape shops huh. Who woulda thunk it. lol Thanks

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    • By Lunk
      I was delighted to discover that the 12-volt vehicle charger for the GPZ 7000 also fits the the rechargeable battery of the Gold Monster 1000...buh-bye inverter & alligator clips!
    • By Goldgetter
      Anybody try this is it new? Any info?


      From https://www.reedsprospecting.com.au/shop/detail/eq-spirit-li-ion-battery/ :

      This battery is designed to function with all of the Minelab "gold" detectors. Voltage can be adjusted to suit each type of detector. It is possible to use the battery as standard, but it is recommended that you attach the battery to the detector and run it using the Wireless LINK. The headphone or speaker jack is inserted into the LINK and the detector is free of cables.

      The LINK and the battery are re-charged separately. The sound quality of the battery is very high. The battery is re-charged with standard Minelab GPX chargers. If you need to buy the chargers when you buy a battery we are selling the chargers at $60.00 for both the 12V and 240V.

      There are Noise Cancelling Headphones that work with this battery as well.

    • By Rege-PA
      I need to replace my original Minelab rechargeable C batteries. I have used a set with 6000mAH and they work great,
      Now I see that 10000mAH C batteries are available and much cheaper than the 6000aMH   I purchased 2yrs ago, has anyone used these and is the run time longer?
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      Looking to buy rechargeable 9 volt battery`s. Wow a lot of options out there and I am clueless on all of it.
      Any suggestions on battery type and brands. Also is their and difference on the chargers?
      Seems the more I search the more confused I get.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      For a long time the standard in VLF detectors was 12V operation. Eight AA cells, perhaps still the best example being White's Electronics and their AA battery pack.
      There are a few detectors running a single 9V battery, like the Gold Bug Pro, but they are pretty rare. Tesoro is the main proponent on a few models. The new standard is 6V or four AA cells. Many examples there like the X-Terra 705, AT Gold, or FORS Gold.
      Now we have the new Fisher F11, F22, and F44 running off two AA batteries. 3V operation.
      There is no direct connection to battery voltage and depth in modern VLF detectors. In general I have always looked at more battery mass as simply meaning longer battery life. But even that appears to no longer be true. New low current designs are getting good running times out of fewer batteries.
      Nothing earth shattering here, just a general observation. The main thing we are seeing is the overall reduction in weight possible by using fewer batteries.
      Just a FYI. The main drain on batteries is the detector speaker system. Number one way to boost running time? Use headphones.
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      So rather than spend $200 for the XP branded case I thought I could do better. So first I bought the Plano model 108442 gun rifle case for $70 shipped on Amazon