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Most Effective 19 Inch Coil Cover

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Hi Steve, Thank you for you reply. I am always interested in "new" coils & can they be any benefit to me & my detecting. After market coils for the my GP & GPX's certainly paid off. It is good to have seen the results (both positive & negative:rolleyes:) from others out there with the 19" coil & just what type & what size & what depths the gold has been. Your last sentence pretty much sums it up for me. I had pretty much written off any thoughts of this coil being of any benefit to me quite early on, except like you said, a niche coil for oddball situations & then it can pay off. But yes our gold is on the small side & the Zed still blows me away with the depth it is getting these small bits at.  A lot of places I detect the ground just isn't suitable to swing that 19" coil. Either too steep, too rocky &/or too much growth to negotiate.   A lot of it is a struggle with the 14". What I would love is a smaller coil for the Zed. I will always be looking out for how it does for others & hope your next mission out with it rewards you well. Can't wait to see the results. Cheers.

Best of luck out there

JW :smile:

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Hi Fred,

  Like others on this post who made their own for the 19" ,  I did the same. I bought a sheet of 1.5mm Clear Lexan Makrolon Polycarbonate, for $45, long enough to make one for the 19" coil, and I made one for the stock 14" coil also. I cut it, and used a heat gun to form it around the coil for a snug fit. I made the front form fit the 19" coil, to help eliminate any dirt from going on top of coil. Here are some pics of making it.








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 Thank you !!!  I used 3m Flexiclear body seam sealer, it makes a strong bond, and is a synthetic rubber,  I can also remove it without damage. I would not recommend epoxy, unless you want more of a permanent attachment. Any strong bond/ silicone will work.


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