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West Aussie Gold Trip... Another Australian Gold Tourism Ad

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IdahoPeg    268

Incredible! I can only dream of finding beauties like that! You do your homework, and it sure pays off...congrats! 

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Norvic    1,124
6 hours ago, RedDirtDigger said:

Hi Norvic, my mate runs Oziexplorer with geology/tenement layers to get us to coordinates and keep us away from Mining leases and on legal/40e ground. Close up viewing of google earth and WA sat imagery and sat burnt area maps from the NOAA satellites are the biggest help. Using sat imagery to find and mark the route of very faint 4wd tracks that get you close to where you want to go is main game in research to get to areas to explore I have found. RDD

RDD, Many thanks, myself I started many years back with Fugawi then switched to Oziexplorer once it became available. Powerful tools that help us, hopefully ML will expand on the GPS capabilities that is in cooperated in the Z and give us this mapping ability right there in front of us out in the field, until then I currently use a Ozi android app on a smartphone with GPS built in, with the PC at home running Ozi to "make" the maps. Our Government Mines depts. are making this easy now with their freely available Geo, Tenement etc customisable maps that can be downloaded and exported into Ozi.

A tit bit, the Fugawi name apparently originated from "Where the #$%^ are We"

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mn90403    786
21 hours ago, RedDirtDigger said:

Thanks Mitchel, it was arrogant of me to say 23 oz was not good. Its just that I go detecting there a lot and know many spots and do research and rely on my hobby gold income. I do aim for a big tally. Its gold fever I guess. But I am in a good place to detect, where big untouched patches still do exist. And I am sure there are some over there too. cheers RDD

Falling a bit short of big expectations is part of the process I guess.  That is not arrogance.  It is part of the risk and reward.  Don't be too disappointed but I know you want to keep the pressure on yourself to meet your budget marks.  Just remember that 99.9% of us can't make such a plan because we don't have the knowledge or the area and those that do have 'mixed' results also.  Some things you just can't control.

Fantastic job no matter what.


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Steve Herschbach    7,491

That is some really fine looking gold! I have a some that look very similar to your large folded flake - the three on right in this photo...


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      I thought i would retell this story from my page a few weeks ago as it still blows my mind that it happened :). Bob a lovely gentlemen from Northern California came across to Western Australia for a once in a lifetime adventure that he had been dreaming about for many decades. He wanted to prospect in the red dirt and flew across for 3 weeks with his next door neighbour Fred and a 7000 and a modded GP extreme(not the ideal detector unfortunately). After arriving he spent a few days doing an in class prospecting course which enabled him to use the company that was running the courses leases around town. Unfortunately Fred and himself didnt have much luck swinging there detectors and it reached the last day before they were heading back home the next day. For the entire 3 weeks i tried to get him to join me on a tag along tour(free of charge as my wife is american and i didnt want him going home empty handed) to some better ground but he persisted on his own until the last day where he finally gave in and decided to join me in a different area that i had access too. The guys only had a few hours before having to drive back to town before nightfall and in the last hour of the day and in fact his last hour detecting in Australia he managed to ping a fantastic 18 gram speci with approx 12 grams of gold in it! Unfortunately Fred who had never detected before this trip and using the GP extreme didnt find anything but Bob went home with a nice little chunk and in his words "at least my neighbours wont laugh at me now!" statement :) Made my day and i believe the gold gods rewarded him for his days & weeks of swinging that 7000 around Australia.
      Congrats to bob who joined me on a one day tag along for his last day of a three week prospecting trip from America, three weeks he hadn't found a thing by himself with his 7000. Last hour of his last day detecting and he pulls out an 18 gram specie with approx 10-12 grams of gold! Absolutely made my day ! Well done bob ! Goes to show a little local knowledge goes a long way! 
      ✋✋✋✋Nugget in the Hand Prospecting✋✋✋✋✋✋👍

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