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Steve Herschbach

Metal Detector Robot

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Looks funny but there is not far between this video and a decent beach detector at least. Just need the digger scoop arm on the back. Kind of like turning a Roomba loose on the beach!


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Oh my goodness. Mrs JW is on her video editing computer next to me. I said to her, "Babe...check this out". She took a few seconds to comprehend what it was & then she cracked up. I then activated the actual youtube clip & I couldn't pick her up off the floor. 5 minutes later & she is still cracking up. She actually videoed it on her Iphone & is sending it to....I dont know who. But that has made a great start to her day & mine too now. :laugh:

Very clever, but I don't think much of the coil sweep overlaps. :biggrin: Yep...just needs a little excavator arm & bucket & a sieve to drop dug up targets into. With in built GPS it could grid search a whole beach all by itself while being kept an eye on from the comfort of a beach chair & sipping on the few cold ones. Thank Steve. Has made a great start to our day.


JW :smile: 

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