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Hobo    57

You could have determined it by specific gravity, probably,

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    • By mn90403
      This morning I was reviewing another thread and there was a link to Steve's review philosophy.  I encourage everyone to read it.
      It reminded me of an idea I have had for a long time about having an event (several events) with all metal detectorists and manufacturers products used to find professionally hidden and buried targets.  You don't get to dig or recover the targets.  You put a score on each hole like you do on a golf score card.  Rules can be made to make it fair.  Spectators would be encouraged as the locations for these events could be elevated.  The finals could be in a stadium depending on EMI!  haha
      The idea is that there could be events and at each of the events there could be courses and each of these courses could have holes.
      Some of the courses could be coin only, gold only or relic only.  Some of the 'holes' would have gold nuggets, hot rocks, coins, rings, etc.  
      Some of the events/courses would let you use your own detector and some of the events would be using the same detector ... like some of the auto races.  Some of the events could use discriminating detectors and some would be size and depth competitions using PIs.
      Some of the events would be set up like panning contests.  I think everyone gets their own ideas.  You get people and kids out early to find things.
      What would we get out of this as the metal detecting community?  Competition, advertising and exposure of detectorists skills and manufacturers products that could result in better equipment.
      What would be a possible negative?  Some of us would rather keep ourselves invisible to the public at large.  Some of that would be lost.
      What say you?
    • By Glenn in CO
      Can a vlf or pi machine detect gold telluride?  Does the gold telluride have to be in large concentration in a specimen for a detector to be able to detect it?  Could a Falcon Gold probe detect a gold telluride specimen?  Thanks! for any information or tips you can provide.
    • By mn90403
      Lu found a pick on one of our outings to Quartzsite.  We are trying to do a little research on it.
      I found an eBay item that had a similar mark but the seller does not know anything about the maker.  The mark is a Y P with an anchor between the two letters.
      Does anyone here know about this mark?

    • By okdma
      Hello every one 
      i am honored to be a member in this forums and i am a beginner in this field .
      i want to know if any one have this machine Pulse Star 2 pro and has review on it .
      i am looking for treasures and relics .
      do you suggests to buy Pulse Star 2 pro or GPX 5000 for my search .
    • By fishersari
      Hello there, 
       After few months of heavy used at waterfall, beach and dirt, I'm happy that the MX sport didn't have crack, leakage issue . I'm still learning the language of the MX sports.. Still didn't understand about the threshold, what it use for, what does it tell me when the hum disappear in a brief of time especially at high mineralized ground like beach. And I still not confident using the relic mode, too much information its giving out for me . Thank you very much. HH
    • By JDIGGS
      I've been using the tesoro lobo for 8 years now with great success.  I'm ready for something different with a little more depth.  I find gold nuggets and quartz/gold.  Most of the Au/quartz comes from taillings and when they go quite I rake and find more...sometimes.  I've been looking at the ATX but read it has trouble finding Au/quartz.  I understand size matters on ability for any detector.  2000ish is my budget and that can buy a lot of rakes. I'm just not 100% I like the way it sounds and I'm sure we can get along just fine. Discrimination is not that important, I hardly use it. Any info would help thanks.