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MikeT    5

Jen, in my experience (both buying and selling used.) First follow Steve's advise and check sold prices on places like ebay, price you basic unit in that ball park. If you want to sell the options along with it, add up the total paid for them and then add half of that to the price of the base unit. I'm not real sure about doing an OBO, sometimes that can turn into a bidding war where you really come up well, other times most everybody waits to see how cheep they can get it for. I think it depends on the number up for sale and the demand of the market.



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DolanDave    319

I sold my 5000 with all coils and accessories to someone on craigslist. I got a fair market price for it. I also included a full day of training with it, and actually got several inquiries even after sold. Also you will save listing fees from ebay and paypal if you sell on the forums, or craigslist.


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    • By rod-pa
      I am looking for some advice, brands, ideas, etc on some equipment for cleaning some of the stuff I find.
      I am looking for a decent large magnifying glass on a stand that will let me use both hands to see items close up while cleaning them.  Preferably with it's own lighting.
      I am looking for what folks use for quality picks with extremely fine points.  I know  (never clean your coins)  is the mantra, but I am putting together a type set of the coins I have dug, and also albums of Indian head and newer cents, and since most are relatively worthless, I just want to purge them of all dirt and clean them up as best as possible for in the albums.
      any info is appreciated.
    • By 1515Art
      Gold and mineral auction with lots of pretty nugs, could even be some from someone we know?
      I get catalogs from this auction company all the time and I thought this one would be of interest here, hope this link works its worth looking at; 
    • By phoenix
      That speci I posted the other day, I finally took it out of the acid and the good thing about the acid clean is the before photos were taken with a 150 power usb microscope and that`s the only reason you could see the gold. When you were holding that speci in your hand it was so hard to see the gold, but now that it`s cleaned you can see the gold no worries at all..   The SG says this piece has 2.254 grams gold.
      The after photos were taken with a unwanted camera a forum member gave me.   Thanks very much Steve it`s a terrific camera. ◕‿◕
      And goldEn, this is how your speci came out as well.

    • By kiwijw
      Hi Steve. That raisers another question. Just when is a "good"  time to sell gold?  Gold, unlike money in an interest bearing account or other investment just sits gathering dust. Nothing of a profit or loss made until sold. If it is gold found, detected or dredged, then all it owes really is the cost of time energy, effort & equipment used in its finding. The gold can sit for years just gathering dust. Nothing realised until turned in to cash & not much else can be done with it, cant eat it or drink it, except drooling over it  So when is the "right" time to sell? That would come down to each individuals wants & needs relating to a cash injection at a time or certain times in there lives. If gold isnt your living, as it isnt mine, then I am just sitting on it for that rainy day or for that cash injection sometime in the future. Maybe in retirement....who knows. Others may be different. If you want a new car, or boat, new detector. Maybe cash the gold in & put that cash into another investment, property etc...something that is going to give you a more regular return than the gold just gathering dust waiting for that "right" time. Gold up....gold down....gold up....gold down. Haven't sold...haven't sold. Gold still just sitting there gathering dust....but sure is pretty to look at & the memories of each piece found.....
      I am sure that when you sold in 2003 you were happy, & I am sure you did something sensible with the money. We arent future tellers & know one really knows accurately what the gold price is going to do. How many times have we seen or heard that the price of gold is going to go through the roof. Usually the opposite happens.
      To me a good time to sell is when you need the money.....for what ever. You can always go out & find some more gold. That is the fun part of it. I am going out now for a quick swing in the cool of late afternoon here down under.
      Good luck out there
    • By AUddicted
      I was thinking it would be interesting to hear your (other members) thoughts on cleaning your gold. One guy I used to hunt with felt very strongly that you should just rinse it with water, no further cleaning, and absolutely no chemicals. What I do, is scrub using a tooth brush (the same one I use daily ) and citrus cleaner. I then soak the gold in Whink for a day then scrub again with citrus cleaner. If it has a calcite/ caleche coating like much of the Rye Patch Chevron gold, I soak it in CLR. I like the gold to be free of any visible iron oxide, manganese, calcite, etc. But I don't like the gold to start getting polished edges and high spots, like what happens from handling it often. I like that natural dull finish it acquires from the Earths fine grit, sand, rocks, natural movement etc...
      I noticed this crystalline gold for sale on Ebay. It appears to me that the host rock was dissolved with a chemical that also began to soften the gold itself and polish it? Maybe Aqua regia (nitric acid and hydrochloric acid), but when the host rock was gone the specimen was then neutralized? It does look beautiful, but to me, unnatural. But who am I to decide what should be considered natural or not? Therefore, it is just my personal preference.
      But what are the majority of collectors looking for?
      To me, one of the most enjoyable nugget discovering experiences is when all you have left in your scoop is a hard dirt clod that ends up hosting a nice gold nugget. The next time that happens, I plan on gently removing the edges of dirt until there is proof of gold and then just save it in that condition (until some day I just get bored and decide to break it open ).
      Thanks all...

    • By GoldEn
      Hi all
      Couple  found with gpx5000.
      Couple grams of gold and came nice after the acid bath.