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Steve Herschbach

Tom Boykins Nevada Adventure

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16 hours ago, MikePfeiffer said:

Tom, the way you present your videos makes me want to be there! Beautiful!

You took the words right out of my mouth.  It's obvious he has professional experience at this (the media creation, not necessarily the detecting :smile:).  Way to dig-it-all, Tom.  That 'tin' (iron) looks familiar.  I collected a goldpan full of that in Colorado mountains last month for my 6 hours of detecting, and I didn't even find anything close to being as nice as that ring.  But it was worth every minute.

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Nice vid Tom..... Thank's for sharing.

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Makes me smile.  Of course you’d avoid the trashy sites when you use the “always oversized” stock coil that comes with every White’s machine.  Put on a 6X8” Detech or the 6”concentric and those machines go from good to outstanding.  Of course the new mystery machine in the video may not have that opportunity just yet, but most certainly that MXT I saw could be outfitted with such.   Just saying....

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cool vid tom:smile:

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