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Best Diving Detector?

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21 hours ago, 57buick said:

I have read about all these detectors before was just curious to see if one was significantly better than the others but sounds like it just comes down to price and preference.

Well, not quite that easy. Since you are doing the river thing there are a few things to consider.

First, what is the potential for trash? Pretty good in rivers. The CZ-21 and Excalibur offer discrimination features to deal with trash. The CZ also offers a true threshold based all metal mode, essentially a prospecting mode. The Excalibur only offers this by way of running with it stuck in pinpoint mode. Weird but works. The CZ is also better suited to hip or chest mount, if that matters. Since they have discrimination the CZ-21 and Excalibur also work just fine as general purpose coin, relic, and jewelry detectors for above water use.

The Surf PI and Sand Shark, being PI units, you just dig everything.

The other issue might but severe mineralization and hot rocks. The Surf PI and Sand Shark can do better in bad ground up to a point. However, since they do not ground balance even they can be overwhelmed by severe hot rocks. This is where the Infinium shines - as a ground balancing PI (GBPI) it can tune out most hot rocks.


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