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Kellyco No Longer Services Minelab - New Minelab Service Centers

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3 hours ago, Daro Syko said:

Seriously bad management by Minelab to lose Kellyco and Lunatek in Europe within weeks, something suggests to me that these guys were let down by Minelab and I heard from a friend Lunatek terminated the contract with Minelab due to Minelabs breach of contract and then Kellyco who apparently had no contract ( what a joke) within weeks pulled the plug as well.

I have approached both businesses for feedback but none has been provided, I suspect more to this story.

A dam shame having used both Kellyco while in the USA and Lunatek in the EU for  GPX repairs and found the service very good, Dave Spenser was really on the ball and Alex at Lunatek was really helpful they will be missed as others I have tried were frankly useless.

Good luck to the new service centers and be careful!

Simon Tench

I feel exactly the opposite. Reports on service from Kellyco as regards Minelab in the U.S. were... not so good. I have already had the pleasure of dealing with Keith Leppert at Detector Center. Detector Center is a new enterprise set up by Keith Leppert of Ft. Bedford Metal Detectors.

Detector Center
190 Oak Shade Road
Alum Bank, PA 15521
Phone numbers are 630-401-8154 and 630-401-8159

Keith is highly trusted and there is no need to “be careful” when dealing with him. As far as I am concerned and in the U.S. specifically this is a good move. Early reports are that responses and turnaround have improved dramatically.

You could make the case that maybe Minelab did not support Kellyco properly in some way. I don’t know and am not looking to bash Kellyco.

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I just received back a repaired GPX-5000 from Detector Center/Minelab repair. The function select knob was failing. It was replaced very quickly and sent back in good working order. Good customer service!


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