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    • By marwan
      what is the best vlf detector for nuggets gold?
    • By Highlandhowler
      Has anybody got any info a good prospecting shop in Socal.
    • By Sourdough Scott
      It has been a while since we last heard from Klunker on this forum. I sure miss hearing his insights on detecting and his other commentary. I don't know if he is just too darned busy detecting and finding gold? Or his computer broke? Or if he has been banished from the forum from the powers above . Any which way, I sure miss his 2 cents worth. Please come back! 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      This video features the Deus but there are lessons here for anyone chasing fringe targets....
    • By Murad
      Hello i have this artifact metal detector (66TR) from White electronics. but i need help with the search coil pinout diagram
      i have 5 colored wires ( Gray = 12v , Black = GND , yellow , blue , brown ) can anyone help me determining what are those wires for excatly
      if i had to make my own coil head because the old one is lost and i cant order another one online because my country restrict using metal detectors.
      i'm newbie with such advanced detectors, but i'm sure i can make my own if someone guided me through this.
    • By Havilah and Ophir
      Hi All
      I'm new to this smart hobby of metal detecting/prospecting and I found this great website to be pretty helpful to its contents which I decided to join this forum to learn more.
      I'm planning to head to East Africa to do some gold prospecting with the help of good metal detector and I need your advice on some issues. 
      To start with need good MD to take with me so please give me your advice on the very best gold nugget detectors for the budget of $800 or less?
      What are the very best gold nugget detectors for the budget of $800 or less? Even these Chinese made MDs if you think they can do the job comparatively then please list them all. 
      Thank you.