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Mn the lads teasing us for sure, crikey that ground looks bloody good, I can`t recall running a coil over green grass that wasn`t at least 2ft tall, tough as nails and bloody wiry. Us grasshoppers must be patient no.............:wink:

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Pssst...Norvic, don't tell the lad what will happen in that patch when he finally puts on the 19 :ph34r: 

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Wow JW, that country side you detect is just stunning. I had to come home early last week because I couldn't handle the heat!

Cheers thanks for posting.

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Beautiful ground to detect and some nice gold for the day thanks for sharing JW

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He's just getting up to Hot.  Now he'll have to make another trip on these piles for 19!

JW likes to peel his onions rather than slice them.


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Did I mention that is a great write-up?  Well done hunting in the park.  There is some nice gold too.

Where are the coins and rings?  :wink:


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Hi guys, thanks for the comments & feedback. Yes...I am a bit spoilt with the ground cover in some places that I detect. But it isn't always like this. We are into spring & during the winter is the best time to detect when the grass growth is really stunted. That & the middle of summer if we have had a long hot dry spell of weather. Which is usual for Central Otago & the land is just parched & pretty barren of grass. Good for detecting. Not so good for the farmer.

If you click once on a picture & let it focus clear & then click again it will go full screen if you wish to see more detail. Enjoy. :smile:

4500 xmas gold sams 4


4500 xmas gold sams 12

Even though it is dry in the below pic notice how the grass growth in the gully bottom. Those first two green briar rose bushes on the left I found a wee patch from them & up to the left on that slope.

4500 xmas gold sams 5

Central Otago has the lowest rainfall in New Zealand. Somewhere around 12-14 inches annually. A lot of the gullies are just dry with no running water....ever. Some may get a bit of snow melt this time of the year but other wise....bone dry. You will notice the grass has greened up a bit in the pics in the original post due to spring growth & in a couple of weeks will be quite a bit longer & not so detector friendly.  The gullies of course are always the worst for grass growth when conditions are good for growth. And in a lot of areas I detect it is the old gully workings I am in as that is where the gold was. It is all about the timing & if the sheep have been grazing or not to strike low grass growth in these gullies.

We do have our share of tiger country to though. So it isn't always peaches & cream.

4500 olrig 3 1

Some times so much so that you don't see the old timers prospect holes & you drive into them.

4500 21 for 7 grams 22

Not a good practice

4500 21 for 7 grams 024

I had a long walk out of here to get help as I couldn't get out un aided from this one. Not even in 4WD.

More tiger country

arrow section 003


lindas pass


flat top hill 029


flat top hill 028


flat top hill 010


flat top hill 025


meg 1

There is gold out there.

Old Dunstan Rd 8

And down there

Old Dunstan Rd 10


Old Dunstan Rd 19

Some times you just have to do what you got to do to get that coil closer to the ground.


Did it pay off....yes it did. Notice the turned over ground to the right & up. It is the same gully as where this original post was done. Just looking up hill of the gully.

I could go on & on but when I get kindly ground.....I make the most of it. Cheers all

Good luck out there

JW :smile:


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Crikey that is some magic country, thank you for sharing.

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    • By Flyinjeff
      Last week I had the chance to hunt with Lucky and Rudy at Rye Patch in Northern Nevada.  My wife and I flew in to Sacramento and drove to Rye Patch for our club (WSPA) annual outing.  This is my fourth outing with the club at Rye Patch. I found my first Rye Patch nugget with a GPX 4000 at this outing.in 2014.  The next two years was a skunk. Last year I watched how the new GPZ 7000 was preforming compared to GPX 5000.  I purchased the GPZ 7000 and it made the outing a more fun outing.  With a little pointy fingers and detecting tips from Lucky and Rudy our trip was a very enjoyable one.  First picture is Lucky and me holding the two largest nuggets we found.  4 grams and 3.3 grams.  The hole is where I got the 3.3 gram nugget 18" deep.  The last picture is my wife with one of her nuggets she found with the SDC 2300.  Its nice being back in Hawaii warm weather until the next season.

    • By LuckyLundy
      We had a club outing at Rye Patch!  Even our little group showed up in in force to see if we could pickup where Rudy and I, left of the week before.  Our little group of detectorist have dozens of nugget finding spots in Rye Patch.  Some with names we give them, so we can keep track of where we are located with the use of our radios.  It’s kind of like Fishing, if they aren’t bitting at one spot maybe somebody at another location will sound off to come their way.  Jack Rabbit, 4-Corners, October and Crossroads or some examples of where we might find the nuggets wanting to end up in our pokes.  This trip, we had a few guest Club members, with us on each day.  Some needed a few pointers with their settings and others only needed a pointy finger!  As usual, October is a transitional Month for the North Western Seasonal change.  Cold, Windy, smoke one day blew in from Northern California Fires making me think there was a local fire very close by.  With extreme dry conditions with the wind, it made metal detecting difficult with static EMI’s.  But, we fought thru Mother Nature elements and she rewarded us for the effort.  This Tail Gate photo, was one day we had a late lunch cooking up a couple dozen brats. Only 6 pokes in the photo, as everyone else was hunting different location...just more Brats for us to eat, lol.  We had a great time with our hobby and enjoying each other’s company!  Just wish I could have ended up with the total Party’s Tail Gate photo with everyone’s  pokes on it...maybe next time!  Rye Patch still has nuggets to find and it continues to produce smiling faces.  Until the next hunt

    • By kiwijw
      Saturday just gone our weekend weather forecast was not looking good with snow down to 800 meters up in the hills & rain elsewhere. I got up earlyish & looked out the window towards the western horizon. Black ominous clouds greeted my glance. BUGGER! Couldn't even see the distant hills/mountains. But as often happens those clouds just don't seem to come any closer to us but I wasn't holding my breath due to the forecast. I made no rush to get ready to head on out but waited it out for a few hours. By 11am things hadn't got any worse so I made the decision to give it a go. I was dying to try out the 19" coil but it was getting a bit late in the day to head to where I wanted to with the 19" coil. So I made the call to go closer to home & up into a bit of tiger country, which wasn't 19" coil friendly. Not that we have any tigers in NZ, or any other nasty stingy bitey things for that matter that can kill or make your day very unpleasant. Tiger country just being the type of country that tigers could easily hide in. You know, long grass & bushy scrubby country.
      It was in fact the very first place I swung the Zed when I got it. Being old ground that I had done well on with my GP 3000 & the 4500. The Zed scored me some more as well. That was using conservative settings. I had gone back there about a month ago with hotter settings expecting to get more. You may recall in that post that I had detected all morning & into the afternoon & had got no gold. After a late lunch stop & moving on to a spot further on I checked my settings. I always detect in High Yield/Normal & discovered that the Zed had gone back into the default setting of Difficult Ground. OH NO. So I had been in Difficult all that morning. Switched back to Normal & was on to gold in 5 minutes. I didn't have the time to go back over the mornings ground but thought that will be a good test in these higher settings & in NORMAL.  Here is that past post. 
      So anyway, I was off back to this spot to see the difference over this ground in NORMAL & not DIFFICULT. But the same hotter settings. 5 minutes from pulling up at the vehicle track end before the walk in, it started raining. SH!T..... There was a bank of black cloud enshrouding the southern end of the mountain range. Looked to be snowing up there. Bugger. I have come this far. Stuff it...I am going onwards.  I packed a rain jacket, decided to leave the monster behind & hit the walking trail. The rain eased off but it was quite a bit cooler. By the time I got to the spot I was rugged up in winter garb. A biting cold southerly direct from Antarctica as this mountain range is the highest land mass between here & Antarctica. Snows up here any time of the year. The annual mean air temperature up the tops here is ZERO degrees Celsius.    That is freezing point in our language. Got to the spot, rigged up & into it. Checked all my settings, Auto tuned, ground balanced over the ferrite ring & I was away. I started detecting down an old very shallow wash gutter from the old timers from their ground sluicing. They had dug it to bed rock, which wasnt very deep, throwing the dirt up on one side. Scanned those piles & got nothing. Wondered on down the gutter itself sweeping over the schist bedrock. Got a faint sweet signal next to a large slab of schist on the gutters bedrock bottom. Scraped away the shallow top soil & grassy bits to expose the schist bedrock. Can you see how tiny the gold is?

      Here you go.

      You will notice how the schist bedrock is layered. I stuck the coil back over the bedrock & got another sweet little signal. Scraped away at the schist but signal still there. With the pointy end of the pick I smacked it into one of the folds of schist & peeled up a layer. That got the signal out.

      Another tiny bit

      Again I stuck the coil over the schist & another little signal. Peeled out more layers of schist. Notice the peeled up layers above the detector.

      Yet another small bit of the good stuff.

      It might not look like a gutter in this pic....but it is. This is looking up hill.

      That was the end of that wee little find & I had a bit of a dry spell after that. I was heading back up to my pack for a coffee when over the old working ahead of me wonders this young bloke with a Minelab over his shoulder. I got a bit of a fright as I had seen no other vehicle parked down at the end of the vehicle track & so thought I was here all alone. He had come from further up the hill. He came up to me & said. "Are you John?" A bit reluctant to say yes, thinking who the hell are you & why do you ask type thing. But I said yes & who are you. He replied saying "I bought a signal enhancer of you a few years back". Oh ok I said. Didnt you buy two, one for your brother or a mate. Yes he said. And with that a 2nd bloke appears. After a bit of small talk he asked I I had got anything. To which I said no. And in return he said they had got nothing either. I didn't have the heart to tell them I had thrashed the place over the years & done ok.
      Almost 2 ounces all up.

      And this is a little pile of fines that I got that you may recall a post I did on  a little glory hole that I found. Where I got out of one crevice 52 detected nuggets on the first day followed by more on two other trips back in & these fines were from the dig out dirt that I back packed to the nearest water hole to pan out.

      They had been detecting just a bit further up & were heading off due to getting nothing. So off they went. I had my coffee & got back into it.
      The old timers had really thrashed this slope with their ground sluicing & exposed a lot of bedrock. I waved the coil over this big raised slab of bedrock. Targeting that fracture line through it to see if there was any gold caught up in just such bedrock cracks & fissures.

      There wasn't in the crack but I got a signal just to the left of the coil. Scraped away the bits of lose rubble & was into a dirt clay layer with the signal still in there. A few more scrapes & it had moved.
      A sassy bit of the good stuff.

      I then ended up where the two guys had been detecting as I could see the odd scrape mark. Not detoured I just carried on about my business. Got a faint hit on the bedrock.

      Down into a bit of a hollow.
      Out popped this

      This carried on for a few more little bits. The other guys were swinging GP Extremes with 12 inch Nugget Finder coils.
      I ended up with 7 small bits for just .77 of a gram

      I was pretty happy to get what I got considering the last time here when my Zed went back into the default setting of difficult I got nothing . So Normal made the difference. Cheers guys
      Good luck out there
    • By strick
      Had a great time this past weekend in the Nevada desert. The weather was a bit crazy with lots of rain, some hail and a bit of snow even. A special thanks to Gerry and crew for taking the time to show Lisa how to use her Gold Bug 2. I think I'm in trouble now as she has the bug real bad. As we were leaving she said that the next time a big rain comes through we need to drop everything and run back to Nevada lol. Also thanks to Lunk for spending some time with me on the ZED settings. I even got to shake hands with Steve Herschbach and Chris Ralph! It was great meeting you guys. Wish I could have stayed around for the talk but there was no way I was going into that trailer! Lisa's nuggets are on the right.

    • By brogansown
      After clearing a patch with the Minelabs, it's a good idea to detect that area very slowly with the Gold Bug 2, as evidenced by the nuggets found this November in totally worked out patches.  The larger specimen could have up to 6 grams in it and the bigger solid weighs in at 1.7 grams.  I assume, of course, that the 7000 will find even more down deep, but I don't have one.

    • By rehupuntti
      Deus rules  maybe 25cm deep..clear sound and vdi number..