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Nice !!  Congratulations !!

Where there's one, there's usually more.  Now you know for sure, a spot, where gold has been found.

You've only just begun....   :wink:


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Congratulations !

Now the other and bigger nuggets you search for will be much easier to find .:biggrin:

The gold gods have smiled on you and may you luck continue.

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Yea, congratulations!!! Great little nugget Tom.

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Very nice! Congrats :-)

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It can be very difficult finding that first nugget - congratulations Tom!

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No stopping you now. They say the first one is always the hardest one to find. Congrats. You are out of the blocks. The rest should come easy now......:biggrin:  I am sure you will find more tiny ones than that one.

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

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  • Similar Content

    • By Jim_Alaska
      I still have my old White's Goldmaster V-Sat. It's the same one I used when we hunted together at Crow Creek. I have two coils for it, the original coil it came with and the very small one that is used for tight places and bedrock. This is the coil that White's first put out when we lived in Alaska, small and black with no markings on it. Steve Houston introduced it when he came to Alaska on his promotional trips.
      I don't use the original one because I find it impossible to ground balance with that coil, so I am limited to just using the small one. That's ok by me since most of my limited and sporadic nugget hunting is in bedrock areas.
      The problem I am having is that I constantly get false signals and lots of other noise whenever the coil comes in contact with anything. If I bump rocks or brush, or if I even brush it up against wet grass it will false signal. this makes it impossible to "scrub" the ground as you advise people.
      I am wondering if this problem might be in the settings on my control box, perhaps I am choosing the wrong settings? I have tried just about everything I can think of, but it does this all the time and is very annoying. Is there anything that you can think of that I may be doing wrong?
    • By bigtow08
      I am very new, is there any way to tell the approximate depth the item you detected? I have a GMT.
    • By gollum
      After reading a quote from Steve that older VLF Detectors will perform much the same as newer ones (just without some bells and whistles), I jumped and got a Goldmaster 4B for $250. 
      I know the adjustable frequency control is there for the detector to play nice with other White's Detectors in the area. Has anybody ever (to y'alls knowledge) ever modded one for a lower frequency range so that it would (conceivably) go deeper? 
      One of the popular mods for a Minelab SD2000 was to add extra frequencies so it would perform better on smaller nuggets. I would be interested in going the opposite way on my Goldmaster. 
      Any information is greatly appreciated.
      Thanks - Mike
    • By Sourdoughmoe
      Hello Steve I have a? I bought a gmt a 2008 e series from a brian that was at gains creek when you found a big nugget with a Mxt . I have an mxt 300 the gmt I got from him seems weak or not ad great as my mxt can you help it's an old gmt 2008 e series is there a way I can make it better. the brian from amds aka akmining he know you I want it to be better than my mxt
    • By RickUK
      Must admit i am seriously looking at getting a GMT for some of my permissions,although i am not a nugget hunter but the 'allure' back too a celtic gold stater site has wetted my appetite again,although i do/still use the TDI Pro i think the GMT could be used more and more also for micro jewellery as well.
      If one came along almost new at the right price i could well be very tempted to buy one.
      The machine/s that have found me the most gold are the T2 and the DFX,those have found me the most gold coinage over the years from celtic full and quarter staters,George111 full guinea,Vicky Sovereigns and more.
    • By phoenix
      Around the time the Minelab Eureka Ace Dual came out I found this piece near Sofala in New South Wales with a Whites GoldMaster.   Neither my Minelab 16000 ground tracker or the Eureka Ace Dual can hear it and a GPX5000 with the new coils can`t hear it, but the 5000 with the 8" Commander can hear it at about 1".  It sg`s at 13 grams gold but I`ve never believed there`s 13 grams in it.  Most of the little pieces around it are connected electrically. cheers  Dave