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Ridge Runner

Stand For Gold Monster 1000

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I have my GM with me I will go to home depot and get one of each and try will let you know

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I can give you all the measurement to make one if you like. It's your call if want.


PS I had made one for my MX Sport but a little different. The thing is it works great too.

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If you do not mind measurements would be great

My brother in law has some 1/2 inch PVC fittings and they will almost fit the shaft of the GM gonna open up one of the fittings he has with a 7/8 forsner bit or a step bit and see if I can get a snug fit on the shaft of the GM

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To answer you're early question GM shaft is 7/8 in dia. so 3/4 PVC is out.

My stand is made out of 1/2 in. hot water PVC pipe. You need to cut one 3 1/4 in. long-- two -2 in. long then two 3/4 in. long. You need one Tee---two 45 degree sleeves and 3 end caps. Remember all is for 1/2 in Hot Water PVC pipe

Use the two 3/4 pipe to join the Tee too the 45 degree sleeves and don't leave any space between the two. Be sure you lay the Tee flat and have the sleeves pointing straight up. This is important because the legs will be off you don't. Now you can put the 2 in in the 45 degree sleeve to complete the legs. Now in the open end of the Tee put the 3 1/4 in. in. The only thing is the end caps. Be sure when putting it together make sure parts go in all the way.

The 3/4 could have been a little longer but like I said don't leave space between the Tee and sleeve.

Sorry to repeat myself but when you put it together with glue it's got to be done right

I used a black  paint for plastic . I used 2 zip ties also black and I think that's all you need.


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Here is a slightly different version of this type of stand.  This one came with a used detector I bought some time ago so I did NOT make it.. forgive me for my lack of plumbing parts vocabulary but whoever made it, cut the top piece in half which allows it to snap on to the shaft very securely.. You can pull it on and off as you like. 







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I have the same type as Cabin Fever has  ( Little bit longer legs )  from my Sovereign GT days,  From memory i got them from someone in the USA.

Just tried it on the Monster and it works a treat.




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Ridge Runner and Cabin Fever - thankyou!!  A project for the weekend  :wink:

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Made one a little different from ridge runner that works pretty good also except I took a 1/2 inch standard PVC fitting and opened up the center hole with a  7/8 forsner bit which for those that do not know what a forsner bit is it allows you to cut perfect circular holes through just about anything wood or plastic, I wanted to be able to remove this easily by opening up the center hole on the fitting to 7/8 with the forsner bit it will slip rite onto the end of the shaft of the GM 1000 and is a good snug fit for the rest of it I used 4- 1/2 inch 45% fittings and four pieces of 1/2 inch PVC did not have to glue any of them and it makes a great stand vary stable no more tipping over Thanks Ridge Runner for the inspiration one thing for those that decide to make one like I have described make sure you put the fitting in a vise or something you can hold the fitting with because you do not want that forsner bit getting into your hand or you will be spending the day in a ER getting some pretty serious repairs done to the injury 


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  • Similar Content

    • By Steve Herschbach
      OK, I would never have considered the Gold Monster as a coin detector. Micro jewelry maybe, but coin detecting? Well, in the U.K. most detecting is "dig all non-ferrous" and there is a need for sensitivity to small items because Celtic gold and cut silver coins are small targets. Still, I was quite surprised to see this posted on the Minelab Facebook page. Food for thought for owners of the GM1000.

    • By robbiemvfc
      Hi All,
      This is my first post  :)
      I wanted to share my experience as a novice.
      My daughter and I were watching a you tube Video on gold detecting and we decided that it would be a fun thing to do together. So I went and spoke to a dealer and he suggested the GM1000.
      There was only the one review at the time that was very positive. 
      Four/ five months later and I have been out six times with my new GM1000 to Various locations within the golden triangle , All I had to show from it was a crap load of junk and a heap lead shots.
      I started seeing more reviews pop up so naturally I was  reading/watching the reviews on the GM. ( a lot weren’t good)
      I started to doubt myself and my machine.
      So I decided I need to go out with someone to tell me what I am doing wrong and to see if I had wasted my money.
      Via Facebook I discovered someone and went out with him for the day.
      He restored my faith in it and I learnt to trust the detector.
      The other thing I learnt was how to run it in manual successfully.
      After the training I went out again and it finally happened . I found the yellow stuff , Not just one bit either.
      Now I can’t retire on the two little bits (0ne .4g and the other .2g)
      However God it feels bloody good !
      Now I do plan on getting a PI detector at a later stage when funding permits however in the mean time I can now know that the GM can do what it was sold to me as.
      Good luck everyone!

    • By kiwijw
      How the GOLD MONSTER 1000 complements your go-to Premium Gold Detector By John Wilson
      “It dawned on me very early on in my gold detecting days that relying on one detector was not going to give me the best chance to recover the majority of gold on offer from all the goldfields that I frequent.  Using one detector was just not going to get the job done.  I would say that most of us who are more serious in our quest to find gold will know this and will very likely have multiple detectors for multiple uses.
      The more serious of us gold prospectors will rely on at least one of the premium Minelab Pulse Induction detectors, such as the SDC 2300, GPX-4500 or the GPX 5000, while a number of us will have the Minelab flagship GPZ 7000.  However, I strongly suggest you also consider a single high frequency VLF to maximise your gold recovery as relying on just one of the ‘big boys’ alone may mean you are missing out on plenty of gold.  Let me explain…..”
      Best of luck out there
    • By D&P-OR
      Isn't there supposed to be an owners manual that comes with this detector besides that little "Getting Started Guide"?------How long does that rechargeable battery pack run on the GM1000 with a full charge & under "normal" hunting conditions?------How long does it take the battery pack to charge (AC plug in charger) when the battery is flat?-------Didn't see any info in that starting guide in regard to this.------I wish they would have made the shafts longer! LOL (I'm kiddin)-------I'm about 5'9" and I got plenty hanging off the back when adjusted for me.------So far, what little I have tested it, I'm really liking the detector although I haven't even had it on a hunt yet.-----If you've got any advice for me on this detector--I'm all ears!-------I've been reading up on what I can find on it.--------Thanks----------Del 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      My last outing everything seemed to be fighting me - weather, equipment, and deep grass. Only managed a few dinks, 14.7 grains or 0.96 gram.
      All found with the Gold Monster 1000 and 10" coil except the smallest, flattest one. I decided to give the 5" coil another go. I rarely use it and with the reports on coil sensitivity issues I wanted to revisit it again to see if I am imagining things.
      Scrubbing the ground the coil was quiet at manual sensitivity 5 and the rocks started bleeding through at 6. This was not touch sensitivity - just that having the coil on the rocks would start giving a little mineral response from them at 6. My 5" coil does not exhibit any signs of actual knock sensitivity until I run it up to manual sensitivity 9 or 10. Even then it is no worse than I experience with my Gold Racer, for instance, when cranked all the way up. I have no way to know but I suspect at least some of what is being reported as touch sensitivity is the detector popping on mineralized rocks, which can happen at fairly low sensitivity levels with the 5" coil. If a coil is fine in low mineral ground and then exhibits "touch sensitivity" in more mineralized ground this is probably the case, as true knock sensitivity should exhibit no matter what the ground mineralization is. Genuine touch sensitivity is triggered even by grass or sticks which are not detectable.
      Anyway, the little flat nugget, third from right, was detected with 5" coil at sensitivity setting of 5. One nice thing is that the little coil is easier to run in deep grass than the 10" coil and that's where this little guy was found.

      I am NOT saying that nobody is having issues with the Gold Monster touch sensitivity. My unit is like a just prior to actual production model however and I am just not seeing it. That being the case my final comment on the issue is if it is happening to you, it sure is not happening to everybody and so there should be a fix simply by replacing the coils or detector or both. However, if it is a case of running hot and eliciting responses from the ground or rocks by doing so, it will never get sorted out.
      I do sympathize with those having problems and hope it gets fixed via your dealer or Minelab or both.
      One last note. I was trying both my Gold Bug 2 with 6" coil and Gold Monster with 5" coil on some quartz specimens I have from Alaska last night. They were originally found with a Gold Bug 2 and 6" coil. My method at the time was to visually find quartz specimens and then manually rotate them over the coil. This is because some of the gold in them is so tiny that the thickness of the rock blocks the signal  and so the rocks often need to be rotated just right to get a faint little gold hit. This is complicated by the need to keep my hand away from the coil since these hot detectors will pick up a person's hand because we are faintly conductive (blood saline and sweat salts). Anyway, the GB2 with 6" coil and GM1000 with 5" coil are really a match for detecting tiny gold in samples like this. The main difference is the Gold Bug 2 signal tends to fade away in a more linear fashion, whereas the Gold Monster 1000 tends to remain louder and then drop off very quickly.
      Click or double-click for larger photo size...

    • By Cabin Fever
      Here is another video. Some of the same stuff you might have seen already but some different footage in there too..  Shortly after the 4 minute mark if you listen close you will hear a guy ask how it does for prospecting.   Paraphrasing here, but the rep said its better then the 705 but probably not as good as the Monster.    I think that is a much more complicated question to answer but interesting anyway...  Another thing I couldn't quite make out but I think the rep said there was NO Multi Freq in Prospect mode.  (Don't quote me on that one) I did hear in another video that each mode has a specially tuned Multi Frequency.... There is a good closeup of the new pinpointer at the end too.. I wish they would have fired it up so you could hear it but they didn't..
      here it is:.