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3"x6" DD Vs. 5" Round DD For F75?

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The way to counter hock rocks (at least most of them in my area) is to run in all metal.  in all metal, you get a defined "boing" in the tone on a hotrock.  in disc mode, they sound great.

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The 6x4 DD Shooter Is ok for grubbing about in bed rock if the targets are shallow but the 5.3 ( 6" ) Concentric has about twice the depth and in an air test what the 6x4 see's at 1 inch the 5.3 will see at 3" and it will see bits that the 6x4 won't see, It will see bits weighing as small as 0.003grams OR 0.046 grains when you turn it right up on the surface and bits about 0.006 grams OR 0.092 grains from about an inch or so on the surface.

hope that helps,


EDIT:- To be honest it is the performance of the 5.3 and the 12"/300  coils that really excel on the MXT series. The 5.3 is hot on tiny targets and handles fairly hot ground and the 12"/300 for good average depth, I know of someone hit a 1oz nugget at over 18" using the 12" Coil.

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I've had both coils on my F75 and I prefer the 3"X6 over the 5" round. I no longer have the F75 but I've found that I also perfer the 3"x7 on my Makro Racer 2 over the OOR or the 5.5" round. I feel the  3"x6 offers better separation on targets with more ground coverage at the same time. Of course the separation isn't better when hitting a target next to trash on the vertical. If you already have the 5" round coil, keep it. If you didn't already have the 5", then I'd recommend the 3"X6.  

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