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Hi All

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nice gold , congrats

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I see you are prospecting into the future!  haha  (2107)  I hope there is that much gold for someone then but I think it will all be planted.


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Hi all i hope some had a bit more luck over the Melb Cup long weekend than me 4 days and i could only manage 2.3 grams with the big Z and SDC.

Im still having trouble running the Z in normal seem to get a lot of ghost signals especially around big tree roots any help would be much appreciated.

Pic is of finds over the weekend.

The flat piece on the right is as thin as a bit of paper.


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Cant seem to upload keep getting an error 200 message will try later.

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That may be more an internet connection and timeout problem if the images are extremely large. Reducing the image size will most likely solve the issue.

Anybody who needs a very simple photo resizer should check out Simple Resize:

Simple Resize for Apple

Simple Resize for Android

My favorite PC based app is IrfanView Portable which is so fast and compact it can run from a memory stick. More than a resize app, I do all the photo editing for my website on IrfanView and MS Paint.

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Thanks Steve your just not a wiz on the gold. Cheers


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