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A Late Fall Day Of Detecting

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A great day to detect for me.
Temps in the 50s full sunshine little to no wind.

Been on the crossbow trail as of late busting deer with my new Ravin crossbow.

Today it was time to get back on the detecting trail.

Detector setups used- Deus HF elliptical and round HF coil and the Rutus wearing 11" dd coil.

I have had a goal or a mission for over 5 years.
This was to find a whole reale coin in my detecting proving ground sites.

Well today I finally accomplished.

Not with the detector I thought I would accomplish with either, rather the mighty Rutus, instead of Deus,

Other finds include a pair of cuff links, I think an old toasty nickel. It reads 12-12 on CTX and its diameter matches a clad nickel.

All the detector and coil combos today did well.

I tried to give equal time to each setup.

The cuff links were found with round HF coil.
Deus didn't like them either plus they were not deep.
Checked them for ferrous component, magnet says totally nonferrous,
No iron tonally noted around them either.

I did check all targets discovered with Deus usIng either the round HF coil and they elliptical.
I compared 14.4khz to 28.8 khz after finding what I thought was a nonferrous find.
Each and every time 28.8 kHz gave a better signal and also a signal from more angular sweeping approach.

Elliptical coil though when comparing the 2 freqs, was closer together tonally vs the targets I compared after being found with round HF coil.

The mighty Rutus.
What can I say about it.?

For a detector wearing an 11" dd coil, IMO for as well as it separates and its depth it is I think rated tops for digging nonferrous yet dodging ferrous objects.
One thing to note though with Rutus.
Go easy on the gain, too much will compromise the audio.

One great detector, did find one of the flat buttons pictured as well.
I hadn't run Rutus since late July since I loaned it out.
Easy to get back in the saddle with though.

All items in pic are totally nonferrous.

According to my loop and eyes the reale is dated 1784.


A little closer look at the very thin silver coin.

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Whoa!!  That is AWESOME!!  Congratulations TNSS!!

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A whole reale as well as an escudo are on my "To Find" bucket list also..


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It is hard enough to find 1800’s coins - 1700’s is amazing! Congratulations!!

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Thanks folks.


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Yep dittos what the others said that a super find..I gotta get back in the game soon...been working on stuff here at home for the past few months. Thanks for sharing


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Awesome find! Thanks for the look!

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    • By Cal_Cobra
      Tom(CA) and I have been working a site that we researched that's produced several 1850's - 1860's seated coins, and some rogue early 1900's coins, as well as a variety of period relics.
      We tried to get one more trip in before Old Man Winter completely shut us down, and it did in fact shut us down, but not before I finally, got something I've been looking for for a long time, and after watching others find them over the years (I saw Tom dig three!!!), I was starting to think it would never happen.  
      Well it finally happened, and it turned out to be a good one, an 1865 San Francisco minted Liberty Half Eagle!!  
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      Less than 100 known, Mintage: 27,612

      Although the mintage of the 1865-S is quite a bit higher than the mintages of the S Mint Half Eagles from 1858 to 1864, it compares in overall rarity to the 1858-S, 1860-S and 1863-S and is only slightly less rare than the others. Almost all known examples of this date are well worn with VF and lower being all one can expect to find. The 1865-S ranks second in the entire $5 series according to average grade and I do not know of a specimen that would grade better than EF. The very few specimens that I have seen were rather softly struck and the mintmark was always quite weak.

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      1892-O quarter in pretty good shape.  I was pretty happy.

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      I was at Ganes Creek, Alaska in 2002 on a gold nugget hunt using my White’s MXT. It was early days before they bulldozed for people and so there was a lot of non-ferrous trash found each day while looking for gold. One day I decided to take a picture of the junk from one day of detecting to show people how many holes got dug for trash. And this is only the non-ferrous. Any bolts, nuts, cans, etc. get dumped in the nearest pond throughout the day.

      So I take this picture and before I go to toss it in the trash a broken grommet in the upper right catches my eye. It is not a grommet at all, but an 1892 Barber Quarter with a hole shot though it! Large caliber at that, which split the coin. Any normal days I would have just dumped that stuff in the trash bin without looking at it, so my taking the photo was fortuitous indeed. This coin really is one that did almost get away!
      I like to imagine that it was all about. Why is there a hole shot in this coin? A bet or just somebody showing off? The edges of the coin are pounded also, prior to the coin being shot. Just a really interesting find with a White's MXT. My only Barber quarter find and it has a hole blown through it!

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    • By Mark Gillespie
      You might be thinking, what is the big deal, but...
      This dime came from a hunted out site using the TDI and the OZ 12" coil.  The coil was loaned to me by GB_Amateur aka Steve.  I have been hunting this small area, maybe 50' x 100' for over 2 years.  This site has given up many silver and copper coins.  The site has also been hunted by two of my hunting buddies using the CTX 3030, Whites DFX, Fisher F75 and of course the TDI.  The OZ coil is super deep in this area and extremely stable.  I also dug over 10 nice large nails prior to finding this dime.  I must admit I had been purposely looking for only the deeper sounding targets and ignoring the shallow one.  I might add one more thing, all the nails sounded about the same, but I dug anyway.  On the other hand the dime sounded strange compared to the nails.  Can't explain the actual sound, but hope to soon, hear it again.   If possible I might try to record the actual audio and post for all to hear.
      May be a few days before getting to hunt again, weather will turn much colder this weekend. 
      Thanks again Steve.