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Steve Herschbach

Video - Garrett AT Max Vs Teknetics G2+ Nail Test

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The AT Max is Garrett’s latest machine following the AT Pro and AT Gold. The Teknetics G2+ is one of the First Texas 19 kHz variants (Gold Bug Pro, F19, G2, G2+)


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I put the AT Max up against the F75 LTD and MX Sport for my own tests. First Texas was king in iron with the Sport able to keep up much better than I expected. It's a shame that FT didn't waterproof any of their more recent machines. Hunter points out that the vast majority of people that say they want a waterproof machine never take it in the water. This is true, but it's also true that what people think they want is what sells if you look at the amazing success of the AT Pro, a machine FT has been outperforming for years. What tips them toward the AT Series over the FT machines always comes down to the waterproofing. They just want to know that if they want to go in the water or get it wet, they can. 

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Detectors get dirty. Really dirty. It's great to be able to wash it with a soapy sponge and a garden hose. So some many never get in the water (I do occasionally) but I'm sure every AT series owner appreciates how easy they are to clean.

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Great point Dan. I'm one of those that takes great care of my equipment for a couple reasons. I care about how my machines look, and I am ever mindful that clean and well kept machines carry a higher resale value. Waterproofing mid-upper level machines just seems logical to me. And as Minelab and even Garrett to an extent has shown us, waterproof doesn't have to mean heavy. It also doesn't have to mean terribly expensive. But it does make machines easier to maintain, and I'm sure that most who buy a waterproof machine intend to use it in the water, even if they don't. 

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I've always maintained that metal detectors should be waterproof.  Why? As Dan says above, our machines get dirty and its always nice to be able to spray them off without worry.  Secondly, since our hobby is an outdoor sport, rain is always a potential threat to the internal electronics.  So even if you don't physically hunt  in the water,  getting caught in a sudden Florida afternoon rain is a problem.  It sure would be nice to remove that concern regardless of where you hunt.

My first Minelab was the Safari.  A nice machine but not waterproof.  So even when I searched ONLY the dry and wet sand and had a plastic bag covering the control box, I was always paranoid about salt spray, dropping it or some rouge wave taking me out of the game.  When I got the Excal and CTX (with the new gasket), my worries were gone and I enjoyed the hunt that much more....and...I could hose them off or take them into the shower for clean up without concern as Dan B says.

Just the view from my foxhole... 

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