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Gold Bug Pro Coil Options For Gold Prospecting

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Thanks, I read it a few months ago but now I understand more I need to read it again, might make sense now.




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You've reminded me that I need to review some of my literature, including the detector manuals.  It usually takes me 3 or 4 readings (with usage in between) to really get everything out of a manual/book/article.  With the long, dark, cold days ahead here in the northern hemisphere (well, for most of us in this half of the planet) I'm going to read for the 2nd/3rd time the following:


And it's a great Christmas gift for anyone interested in gold, where you can find it, and how to extract it.  Chris is a contributor here and a prolific writer and editor of the ICMJ journal.  It would be hard to find someone who knows more about finding gold than he does.  Top that off with the fact that he conveys the information very well in his writings.

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Thanks, that book sounds exactly what I need.


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    • By beatup
      Had to go over to Monterey the end of March to help my relations move some things back to Wyoming and since the weather was just great at the time on the way home i made time for a day trip to do some detecting with the GB pro and managed a few small ones,all found detecting bedrock cracks and crevices.

    • By phrunt
      I was wondering about the Gold Bug Pro sensitivity to small nuggets, In my testing which is mainly air testing (which is naughty I know) and in ground testing where I've buried nuggets myself (also not ideal) It seems reasonably sensitive but I don't believe as good as my Gold Monster 1000 which I know is a higher frequency which should make it more sensitive to small nuggets.
      It's just I read this today by TrinityAU who has a lot of experience on the GBP which has now got me a bit confused as hes indicating its as good as the GB2 in finding tiny gold.
      You guys still using the GBII, it is a great detector, I have literally found pounds of gold with my three over the years. It was hard for me to change from the GBII to the GB Pro. In my opinion the GB Pro just does so much more when you learn how to use it. It goes far deeper on big and little. It works in soils that the GBII had to fight. It stays balanced better. It is waterproof. It has a far easier learning curve for beginners. The GB Pro is far cheaper, less batteries, longer battery life and the discrimination on anything over half a gram is fantastic. For those not wanting people to know their business it breaks down into a pack better. As stated above I know the GB Pro will find the same tiny sub-grainers as the GBII can, only difference is it does it with more ease as far as I am concerned. These are all my opinions, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS
      And this one here is a quote from our very own Steve H.
      So down to two models, the Fisher Gold Bug Pro and Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold. Both under the magic 3 pound mark! Both with extremely powerful all metal modes. So powerful that in all metal mode these detectors give the PI units a run for depth in most ground on most gold in the US. 
      I haven't yet had the opportunity to find a tiny nugget with it although it has found me one single bit of gold some time ago and I will find it hard to pick up and use now that I have a GM1000 and an Equinox 800 but I do want to use it, especially seeing I bought two of them and lots of coils for them.  I have the 10" elliptical coil and also a Nel Snake and Nel Sharpshooter for it so I have a decent array of coils.
      I have found in my basic testing it feels almost as good as the other detectors I own and it feels in some instances better.
      I was wondering what peoples opinions are on the GBP vs these really high frequency VLFS and if it's even worth me using it when I have the Equinox 800 and the GM1000 if they're much better than it.  If they're a lot better I obviously wouldn't want to waste my time on the GBP.
      My main reason for asking is I'm thinking of offloading them as I'm unlikely to ever use them if they're redundant by my other detectors.  I was intending to keep them for my wife to use but shes made it clear she has no intentions of ever gold detecting, I probably put her off with all the shotgun pellets I come home with 
    • By phrunt
      I have 2 Gold Bug Pro DP's, I have Nel Sharpshooter, Nel Snake and also the 10" Elliptical coil for them, along with the stock coils which are 5" and 11".
      Both my Gold Bug Pro's run at maximum sensitivity with the Nel's and the 10" and 11" Fisher coils perfectly, if I put the stock 5" coils on and try run maximum sensitivity even holding them up in the air they're finding targets all over the place in the air,  this only happens with the 5" hockey puck coils.  They quiet down and run fine about 75% sensitivity. 
      I'm asking all the current and former GBP owners if they had the same experience.
      I found this review saying he can't turn it past the 12 o'clock position and keep it stable and he seems happy with that, for me that's odd as its only half way, I can crank it all the way up on all coils except the 5" and it be perfectly stable.
      So I was wondering if my 2 x 5" coils both have issues (unlikely to be 2 faulty ones), or they're just like that.  They're still under warranty so I want to find out while they're covered.
      I checked and both my GBP's run the version 4 firmware.
      I am fond of my GBP's, they've been taken over now by my GM1000 and Equinox but I still want to use them once I get better at prospecting and see how they do.  They were my first Gold Prospecting machines, and they're under a year old so it would be a shame to not use them ever again and retire them.  In my amateur attempts at testing them on small gold nuggets I've found with my other detectors they do seem to pick them up to an acceptable degree, especially the larger nuggets.
       Steve H maybe able to weigh in on this as I know he was once quite the fan of the GBP.
    • By phrunt
      For a bit of a test of my VLF's I put the bits of gold I found on this prospecting trip into small plastic bags and put one at a time in a big bucket of gravel I got from one of the two creeks we found the gold at, I threw a handful of my daughters black sand collection into the bucket and mixed it around to make it a bit more realistic of a test. I also added a 2 gram test nugget I purchased on a local auction site some time ago for the test, in the hope one day I find one , it is smaller than the nugget John found on this trip but it must be thicker.  I buried the nuggets down at around the 5cm mark, the same sort of depth we found them at as they were mostly in bedrock, one at a time and run each of my detectors over it, excluding the Go-Find as I knew it had no hope, started at the smallest nugget and worked my way up.  I put the most suitable coils for Gold prospecting on each detector that I had and put them in all metal mode when available.

      Starting left to right
      Equinox 800, GM1000 with 5" coil, Gold Bug Pro with Nel Snake Coil, Gold Bug Pro with Cors Fortune Coil (Nel Sharpshooter), I also used the GBP 10" elliptical on this one,  T2 with 5" Coil, Garrett Euroace with Nel Tornado Coil. 
      I wanted to know which detectors I own would have found the nuggets I found with John to work out which are suitable to do the same job as my GM1000 in that situation with the size gold we found.  All were in default settings, sensitivity at max and the Equinox in Gold 1 and all were ground balanced to the buckets gravel.
      Knocked out of the competition immediately was the Garrett Euroace. Nothing at all from it on all 8 nuggets.  All other detectors picked up all the nuggets except the T2 missed the smallest nugget of the 8 but got all the others fine. 
      Moved down to 10cm and had the same results.
      Moved down 15cm and the T2 lost the smaller nuggets and struggled on the bigger ones, the GM1000 got a erratic on its gold probability meter on the smaller ones and the bigger ones were getting harder to to get a stable probability,  The GBP lost the smaller ones on all coils and was getting faint on the bigger ones and the Equinox was really struggling and only signalled on them as the center of the coil past them, the edges of the coil got nothing at all on all nuggets.
      Moved down 20cm, T2 was out, GM1000 lost the smaller ones completely, erratic on the bigger ones, GBP signal was getting faint but still a dig on all coils only on the biggest ones, smaller were still gone, Equinox lost all but the biggest ones. 
      Down to 25cm, GM1000 was out, GBP still faint on the biggest ones on all coils, Equinox was faint but still there on the biggest ones.
      At 30cm all were out except the most faint signals on the GBP with Cors Fortune and the 10" Elliptical which I wouldn't dig as sounded too much like normal ground noise, and the Equinox was the same but giving a slightly better signal than the GBP and maybe I would dig it.
      These were the winners for me!  GM1000, then Equinox followed closely by the Gold Bug Pro's with various coil options.

      With any of these combinations I could find the same size nuggets in the same ground, except the Equinox's big coil would let me down.
      The T2 did surprisingly well and I see why it was a popular prospecting detector but prefers bigger nuggets, however it's still the most comfortable detector I own.  The GBP's are really good machines, I take back everytime I doubted their ability, it was my ability that was the problem, not the GBP, I was just in ground that didn't have big enough nuggets for them.  As for tiny nuggets the GM1000 and Equinox are the only suitable machines I own.
      I really want Minelab to bring out that 6" for the Equinox now as I think it will do very well.
      This was by no means an accurate test, I was just working out what detectors I have that can find these nuggets so if my wife or anyone wanted to use one I wouldn't be wasting their time using one as the Monster is firmly in my hands when I go detecting from now on until perhaps the Equinox gets a smaller coil.
      The other reason I wanted to do this test was because I liked John's 6" GB2 coil so much for the task, and my Nel Snake 6.5 x 3.5 for the Gold Bug Pro is the same sort of size and shape.  I will try out my GBP at the same creek sometime with that Nel Snake and see how it performs in the real world.

      Seeing his GB2 in action made me want a GB2  but my next and possibly final detector for some time is going to be a GPX 4500.
    • By GB_Amateur
      An acquaintance has asked if I'd help him find some shotguns he buried several years ago.  They are wrapped in oilcloths, sealed in PVC pipes (~3 in = 7.5 cm diameter) and buried about 20 inches (half meter) deep according to him.  He says he can show me the approximate location within about 10 m.  If all this is accurate it seems like an easy task....  Then again, he also said someone in his family (without him being present) tried to find them with a detector and couldn't.  That could be due to a lot of reasons as I'm sure you are already thinking, but my concern is that they may be buried more deeply than he remembers.
      Which of the following would be your first choice?
      1) TDI/SPP with 12 in round mono and 16 V battery pack.
      2) X-Terra 705 w/15 in Coiltek 3kHz.
      3) Gold Bug Pro (19 kHz) w/15 in Nel Attack.
      4) F75 black (13 kHz) w/11x7 in^2 coil operating in cache process.
      Assuming he has the time and patience I'm going to have all four with me to do a comparison, but I'd like to start with the one that gives me the best chance.  Your advice is appreciated.
    • By phrunt
      I found a .026 gram nugget the other day with the GM1000 in manual 10, if you could call it a nugget? a flake perhaps? I don't know what defines a nugget over a flake.  I used the 10" coil and it banged hard on it with a nice sound, nothing on the gold chance indicator, it was about 10cm down in fine gravel.  I had my GBP with Nel Sharpshooter with me so I ran it over the target before digging to see what it would do, its ground phase dropped right down to around 10 to 12 and made a nice loud sound, nothing showed on the discrimination scale up the top.  I wasn't sure at this point what I had found and didn't understand the ground phase drop on the GBP? I thought it should be 35 to 50 for gold?  Does anyone know why a genuine gold find on the GBP reported a ground phase of 10 or so? Is that normal, should I be hunting looking for ground phase that low? if this is the case I've probably missed a lot of gold as I always ignored signals that were below a ground phase 35 or so, keep in mind where I am hunting there is only tiny gold, all well under a gram.