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Lobo ST With NEL Snake Coil, No Bueno

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I really enjoy using the LST, most of the time it is wearing the 5 X10 elliptical coil.  I've always wanted a small shooter coil so I picked up a NEL Snake coil, same size as the White's Goldmaster shooter coil.  Installed the Snake and 'whoa' the LST will not ground balance in All Metal mode.  Pumping the coil repeatedly ... down stroke nothing ... upstroke the coil sounds off loud.  I tried changing the ground conditions mode and found no significant change.  I put the LST in discriminate mode and the machine seems to work pretty normal, much the same as my Tesoro 5.75 concentric. Placed back in the AM mode, unable to ground balance, I tried sweeping a 5 grain pellet at 2'" then 1" and got no response. Needless to say, pinpoint didn't work either.  The coil looks pristine, the previous owner had about an hour run time on it on his Vaquero. He says it performed flawlessly on the Vaquero.  I emailed NEL just to see what kind of response I would get.  Response... none.   Perhaps I'll not get the NEL coil for my Sovereign I've been eyeing.  At this point I'm very disappointed.

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I am sorry to hear the coil is not working for you. Unfortunately you really don’t know if the coil worked for the previous owner or not, other than their word for it. Second hand coils are not covered under the NEL warranty. This is where buying product not made in the U.S. gets difficult as just postage to Ukraine and back is probably more that the coil is worth. From http://nel-coils.com/index.php/en/warranty

1. How long is the warranty for my NEL product?

At NEL we provide a full 2 year (+1 year extended warranty upon registration) warranty on all of our manufactured coils. This warranty starts from the date of purchase by the customer. This is applicable worldwide. This warranty covers any manufacturing errors like cracks in plastics or performance issues like no response which are from manufacturing faults – usually these are noticeable within the first few hours of use. The warranty does not cover normal use or misuse of the product.

For a coil to continue to perform well it must be treated with care and not be used in a way that will jar or incur any sudden impact. This sudden impact may result in developing a noisy product. NEL, at its sole discretion, will determine the nature of the returned item and decide whether it is a warranty issue. Each individual case will be reviewed on its own merits and the more information you can provide the easier it will be for us to make a quick decision.

2. Is the warranty transferable?

No, the warranty is only applicable for the original owner. For out of warranty coils there is a service fee for more information please contact your nearest dealer.

3. What do I do to claim warranty?

When wanting to claim warranty within Ukraine, you can either return it to your place of purchase or send it direct to NEL, Str. Klochkovskaya 192а, ap.327 Kharkov, Ukraine, 61145. It is essential you include your proof of purchase docket and a short note informing us of the problem which has occurred. Also include your return address and phone number as we may need to contact you regarding the product.

If you have purchased a product outside of Ukraine you must return it with your proof of purchase to your local dealer who will handle the warranty claims. Ensure you include your return address and phone number whenever returning a product.

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Very good point Steve,  you're response is one of the main reasons I did this post.  Any issue with a detector or coil from Tesoro, even 2nd hand and for $50 they will make it right. I'm sure this is one of the main reasons so many call aftermarket coils a crap shoot.  I wish the Tesoro factory still produced this coil size.  Long Live Tesoro.

The other reason for this post was to find out if others with the LST Snake coil also had problems with the LST's  microprocessor not being able to ground balance and auto-track. This may be an inherent problem with this size coil on the Lobo.  Quite possibly the CORS Shrew would be the same.

According to Rusty, in the 4 pin Delta coils, the small elliptical coil and the 3 X18 Cleansweep were taken out of production because of the high volume of returns.  Circuit incompatibility  would definitely cause a manufacturer to cease production of an item if they offered a lifetime warranty on said item.  Perhaps aftermarket producers have run into the same problems.

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That is very good information that I will find away in the old memory bank for the future. First time I ever heard a reasonable explanation for why tesoro stopped making those coils. Thanks, and I hope that coil starts magically working!

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      So I put the machine away and got my GP3000 out as a control test. The 3000 noise canceled and GB'd in this park fine and I dug a few signals till the rain started. Anyway this kind of rules out that there was some type of crazy EMI that can't be eliminated.

      Next I called the local dealer who sold the machine to the guy I bought it from and he thought it might be the coil. back at the house I slid the shaft out a bit and had a look at the coil wire connector. Put in a new set of batts and checked the coil connector for leaks saw none but where the wire goes into the black connector there is some type of rubbery gasket material that is squeezed out a bit. Any way I fired up the machine and it went through a normal cycle with LED's and did the frequency scan but still getting that spiking signal. I can turn sens down and bring that signal down but then cant hear test targets through the signal at the low sens level.

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      So, the moral of this story is.........
      if you find that your Minelab GPX 4000 to 5000 model seems broken, try a different power cord, try another coil (both these I already knew), but also try rebooting to all the factory preset settings.
      Here is the procedure from the GPX 5000 manual:
      To restore all Factory Preset settings: 1.Turn the detector off. 2. .Press the On/Off switch down and hold until the Reset Defaults menu appears (approximately. 5–6 seconds). 3. Turn Function Select to the right to select All Settings (as shown on the diagram). 4. Turn Setting left or right to restore all Factory Presets.The detector will restore Factory Presets and re-start.   Just thought this falls into the category of stuff worth knowing if you own a GPX detector.