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Prospecting Reference Materials For California

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Prospecting & Mining Reference Materials

Check out the University of North Texas Digital Library website


Use the search engine at the very top of the UNT page to search the library. The library has loads of various documents regarding “gold” including mining/milling, mineral deposits, tertiary channels, geology throughout the Western United States and Alaska.

For those of you interested in the California Southern Mother Lode check out the minerals industries surveys of the California Mother Lode including Calaveras County (part 1) and Tuolumne and Mariposa Counties (part 2) by Julihn & Horton 1938/1940:

Mineral Industries Survey of the United States: California, Calaveras County, Mother Lode District (South). Mines of the Southern Mother Lode Region. Part 1 -- Calaveras County

Mineral Industries Survey of the United States, California: Tuolumne and Mariposa Counties, Mother Lode District (South). Mines of the Southern Mother Lode Region, Part 2 -- Tuolumne and Mariposa Counties


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Great stuff - thanks!

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      You have to love the internet. This book was a rare gem only to be found in libraries or used book stores. Now you can download this classic for free. Anyone with an interest in California gold should download this invaluable reference and study it.
      The Tertiary Gravels of the Sierra Nevada of California, 1911, by Waldemar Lindgren
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      Our contact at the BLM says the problem has been identified and  should be corrected tonight.  We should be able to access the data in the morning.
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      I just finished reading "The Civil War Writings" by this man.  If you are a civil war relic hunter I think these personal memoirs of A. Bierce might have some excellent leads to locations. One his duties was battle field cartographer ...
      he does not glorify war at all
      Steve, not sure which forum you fit this too...if any.