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Trade Trade... GPX 4500 For CTX 3030

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After much walking in the rough terrain I have decided that I can't walk very well hunting for gold.

I  would like to trade my GPX 4500with 3 coils, 11" DD , 11" mono and Sadie mono.......have car charger, house charger , harness , battery  , headphones and DVD. Even got the box for it .

Will trade for a Whites V3 , V#i or VX3 , or a whites MXT sport plus 1000.00

Anyone interested let me know.  Will SELL for 1900.00

I am in Golden Valley AZ and can meet if not too far.

(am keeping My GM1000)

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    • By Buzzard
      am willing to trade both machines for a Whites MX sport or Mxt All Pro.
      Gold bug with 5" coil and cover, used maybe 4 hours..........
      Eureka Gold , stock coil plus XT coil Charger , battery and AA bat holder....
      Located in Golden Valley AZ.........Might Meet if not too far.
      Need a good coin machine as I have trouble walking in the desert hunting for gold.
    • By Mark Gillespie
      I have a D2 and a white SEF 10 x 12" coil for a V3, V3i and looking to trade for a Nel sharpshooter or a 8x6" sef coil for a V3i.
    • By FeO2digger
      Have a Garrett ATX 8 inch mono coil
      PN: 2234000
      Excellent depth on small targets. Enhanced maneuverability in heavy scrub and tight areas.
      Want to trade unused/ like new 8 inch coil plus cash for larger 
      Deep Seeker 15 x 20 mono coil
      PN: 2234100
      Also would consider sale of coil to fund purchase of new Deep Seeker big coil.