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Classifiers And What They Are Originally Used For

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So its puzzled me why panning classifiers are solely made for gold prospecting.Surely the manufacturers must be going out of business to make these items solely for the prospecting industry.Well this is not the case.I did some in depth investigation and spoke to a friend of mine in the plastics industry in China and showed him a pic of a classifier.What he came back to me with was quite interesting.

Classifiers are actually made for the pyrotechnic/firework industry hence there manufacture origin in China.Kaboom and off it goes.They are used for milling black powder and other pyro ingredients.So if you want a set of classifiers and don't want to pay $24 a piece, then check out a pyro supplies store on the internet and you will be pretty surprised when the exact same classifiers /screens we purchase for prospecting cost around $12 a piece or cheaper.


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Got a website address? Not that I need yet another screen but I kinda do to fit into a 2 gallon white bucket. I can't handle 5 gallon buckets anymore, too darn heavy when full.

http://www.pyrodirect.com/Item/027-2004, and this place is here in USA in Pennsylvania.

Yes, they are 12 bucks each, thanks for the money saving info.



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