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outstanding, thank you! 

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Oh.....And I made sluice boxes too with flares

Sliuce box with flare


sluice box dam1


2 inch dredge


banjo Waitekauri






Banjo & all the bits

Classifier sieve buckets

classifier bucket 0


classifier bucket 3


classifier bucket 4


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phrunt (Simon) lives not far from me. We have been communicating through PM. My sluice boxing & dredging days have passed. Mostly due to needing a claim to do it legally & they are just far too expensive with all the red tape, bureaucracy, on going fees & hoops you have to jump through. Just not worth it on a hobby scale. The rivers have all been plundered in the past & all/most of the good gold long gone. I had a lot of fun making & using my own gear but my rock wrestling days are over. Detecting suits me very well as there are no claims where I go, so I aren't treading on any toes. Cheers

JW :smile: 

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wow, your sluice looks exactly like my keene sluice, I can't believe you made it, well done.  I like the bucket with the holes, I will have to do that. I like your dredge, that would save a lot of manual labour, I get quite the sore back at the end of the day from digging gravel :)

fredmason - its a great community isn't it, I ask a question and get replies with everything I could need plus more.

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    • By kiwijw
      Hi there RR, All this gadget is doing is mechanically classifying material into a gold pan. Nothing you couldn't do with a manual classifier over your gold pan which you could possibly get away with. I know with my sluice boxing I made & use a bucket classifier than can process a lot of material pretty quickly to feed down the box. 
      Clean up time

      Good luck out there
    • By idahogold
      Super Cool! If it can handle the punishment of Hardcore Diggers? Enjoy! Cheers, Ig
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I tripped over this extensive article, available as a free download. Here is the abstract:
      The article sets out to clarify the special character of the North American gold pan and why it remains so popular – in spite of widespread dissatisfaction and many modifications and innovations. The North American pan is distinctive in being circular with a flattish floor ringed by an outwardly sloping wall. Its identity is confused by over-use of the terms 'pan' and 'panning'. The North American pan gyrates in a distinctive orbital motion driven by both hands of the panner. Although many other motions are resorted to (tapping, to-and-fro, tilting, and tick-tock), it is the orbital motion and flattish floor that together distinguish the pan from most other hand-held gravitational devices. In spite of its enduring popularity, no scientific tests have been published on the North American gold pan or for any of the innovations covered by 30 US patents awarded since 1861. It remains unclear if the North American gold pan is more efficient at recovering fine gold and flat gold than is a lotok, batea, dulang, ninja bowl, grizzly pan, mat, bucket or any other sort of hand-driven gravitational device. Some innovations are long-forgotten but merit attention. For instance, bars to keep the panners hand clear of the water, cables to hold large heavy pans, and several pans designed for panning without any water. Traditionally the North American gold pan was a combined digging and washing device, but today most models are not designed for digging and require a spade to be used. 
      Gold recovery in Gold Pans -the term... (PDF Download Available). Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/313562132_Gold_recovery_in_Gold_Pans_-the_term_'Panning'
    • By M1dn1ghtN1nj4
      I have been working on this for a couple weeks.  It's a collapsible, customizable, self-contained, super light, 3D printed sluice box!  I know there are other folding sluice boxes, but none of them actually fit in a backpack, or are light enough to carry in one hand.  This solution would be EXTREMELY helpful!
      I'm on my phone trying this, so when I get to my laptop, I'll write in a bit more.
      So I'm currently in the CAD stage.  I have a guy that does 3D printing for me, and his machine is limited to 12"x12"x15" so I might have to shrink the size of the project down to fit, as I don't have access to, or can even afford, a larger 3D printer.
      I have this up on Patreon to attempt to raise some funding to start getting prototypes printed, and boost this project towards the finish line!
      This is my Patreon page:
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      Check out my new setup for those remote areas where gas powered engins aint allowed

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      I took a picture of my collection of crevice suckers for the Classifieds and figured it would make a good photo to post here for people to see a few designs old and new.