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Do I need to say anything about this? Enjoy.
Re: Treasure Classifieds - Someone has a question about your listing
Daniel v Brandenburg <danielvbrandenburg@gmail.com>
Today, 10:39 AM
Good morning John,
    I am okay with the Terms and Condition of sale as seen on the advert including Your Final asking Price as Stated.I have gone through the content of the advert once again am very satisfy.Payment will be made out via a Check which will be issue to you for the payment and pick up will be arrange after the Check is Fully Cleared by your Bank.I will not be able to come over to view it because i'm always busy at work but i believe that all the details of the advert are right and will want update about the Service History. You don't have to worry yourself about the shipment, My Shipper will take care of pick up as soon as you confirm the payment is Cleared by your Bank. let me know if there is any other miscellaneous payment like,the tax charges, etc that will be added to it.Transportation and maintenance cost will be added to the Total amount that will be issued on the Check. it will be used By My shipper who will be coming for the Pick Up at your location after your bank confirms cash available for use.My shipper is the one that will act on my behalf regards the documentation of the change of ownership so any signation will be sign by my shipper pick up and other all necessary detail information will be fill by shipper so don't worry yourself about the change of ownership documentation will be taken care by my shipper.Get Back to me with information listed below in order to make out the Check and payment will be issued and send via first class Mail
Name to Be Write on The Check
Address To Send the Check To so you receive and get it Deposited in your bank.
Your Phone Numbers.
Many Thanks.

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I had a similar one on Treasure Classifieds.  I kept stringing it along to see the cashiers check and turn it over to the Postal Inspection Service.   I think he smelled it out and quit emailing. 

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