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F75 Upgrade Program Renewed

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Thanks for posting. Good through the end of April 2018. This would be an excellent program especially for anyone picking up an old F75 cheap on eBay.

No reason not to upgrade unless you are really happy with the F75 you have as is. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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    • By BLOODHOUND1970
      I have a feeling it FT is about to rock the detector world, they have been too quiet for too long. They have some of if not the best detector engineers in the world, they have lowered prices on the F75/T2 platform to a level that is bringing them into the mid-level machine price range, even though they they are still at the top performance wise. FT is behind in the all terrain business but that wont last long and I think you will see a repackaged waterproof F75/T2 machine very soon and a true game changer shortly there after. I had an Equinox on pre-order but other than being waterproof (which I really don't need), my F75 LTD SE has more depth and is plenty fast for my hunting, thus I canceled my order. I am going to wait and see what FT has up their sleeve, until then I will keep going behind the latest and greatest machines and dig what they can't hear.
    • By GB_Amateur
      An acquaintance has asked if I'd help him find some shotguns he buried several years ago.  They are wrapped in oilcloths, sealed in PVC pipes (~3 in = 7.5 cm diameter) and buried about 20 inches (half meter) deep according to him.  He says he can show me the approximate location within about 10 m.  If all this is accurate it seems like an easy task....  Then again, he also said someone in his family (without him being present) tried to find them with a detector and couldn't.  That could be due to a lot of reasons as I'm sure you are already thinking, but my concern is that they may be buried more deeply than he remembers.
      Which of the following would be your first choice?
      1) TDI/SPP with 12 in round mono and 16 V battery pack.
      2) X-Terra 705 w/15 in Coiltek 3kHz.
      3) Gold Bug Pro (19 kHz) w/15 in Nel Attack.
      4) F75 black (13 kHz) w/11x7 in^2 coil operating in cache process.
      Assuming he has the time and patience I'm going to have all four with me to do a comparison, but I'd like to start with the one that gives me the best chance.  Your advice is appreciated.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      No real information yet but this was just posted to the Fisher Facebook page. The Fisher F75+ is on the way!

      The Fisher F75 is the company's flagship model, and so I assume this is an update with some sort of additional features, otherwise we would be looking at a different model name. Time will tell.

    • By Dakota
      Is anyone going to get the new Fisher F75 Plus? They sure put together a nice kit at a good price.  thanks  Bill
    • By GB_Amateur
      (I moved the conversation over here since it was going off-topic.)
      In the above thread, relicmeister mentions that he put the Teknetics Omega ("frat brothers") 5in X 10in DD coil on his F75 and it worked fine.  I expressed surprise and a motivation to try that out myself.  I can now confirm that my Fisher Gold Bug 5"x10" DD works on my F75.  I'm going to investigate further.  I have both 5" round DD and 7"x11" DD for both these detectors.  I'm curious to see if I can find any differences when mounted on the F75.  Different ground balance numbers?  Different TiD values?  Different sensitivity (depth)?  I also have an inductance meter so I'll make some measurements of the coils on the bench and see how different that important characteristic is.  This might shed some light on why to swap works.  Stay tuned.