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Other First Texas Model Coils On The Fisher F75

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(I moved the conversation over here since it was going off-topic.)

In the above thread, relicmeister mentions that he put the Teknetics Omega ("frat brothers") 5in X 10in DD coil on his F75 and it worked fine.  I expressed surprise and a motivation to try that out myself.  I can now confirm that my Fisher Gold Bug 5"x10" DD works on my F75.  I'm going to investigate further.  I have both 5" round DD and 7"x11" DD for both these detectors.  I'm curious to see if I can find any differences when mounted on the F75.  Different ground balance numbers?  Different TiD values?  Different sensitivity (depth)?  I also have an inductance meter so I'll make some measurements of the coils on the bench and see how different that important characteristic is.  This might shed some light on why to swap works.  Stay tuned.

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I like to be able to use a concentric coil. I've always gotten on better with them and in mild soil they punch deeper than an equal sized DD. It's one reason I chose the F75 over the T2. The F75 can run both DD and concentric. The T2 can only run DD. It's something I like about the V3i/VX3. They are the only (simultaneous) multifrequency machines I'm aware of aside from older FT machines that uses concentric. Minelab along with many other companies have left concentrics behind.

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 All the 7.8 and 7.6 kHz coils work but only to a set signal strength. They are basically on and off coils.    Air tests to about 7 or 8 inches and then quick cut off.  No modulation.    I occasionally use the 11" Triangulated concentric coil on my F75LTD for a little concentric ground coverage.   Seems ok for the top 4 to 5 inches of ground.   I'd like to see one of these specifically for the F75 as I like that coil.

The new 7.8 kHz 4" concentric coil air tests good on the F75.  It will allow modulated audio to about 6-1/2 to 7".    Haven't used it in the ground yet.

I hear you Cipher on the V3.   I pretty much just use the 9.5 and 12" concentric on my V3 for the finer discrimination ability.   The DD's get better depth in my ground but I want the better discrimination I get from the concentric.


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