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For Sale Fs Fisher F75, Just 3 Months Old!

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Selling my close-to-anew Fisher F75. New last September, used a week in Cobalt Ontario (got some nice silver!) and maybe 5-6 times in parks in Minnesota. Need funds for other things and the ground is frozen here for months now anyway. Selling with stock 11" coil AND a NEL Sharpshooter that has seen about an hour of use. It's very nice in trashy soil for target separation and seemed to reach just as deep as the 11" but did not test it, just the impression from how deep I was digging theĀ silver.

Asking $525 shipped to Conus. That's a $599 detector and $129 coil, both in excellent condition! I'll perhaps regret it, and might get another when the Crocus pokes up through the snow! It's really fun to use, and easy for me to hear with my tinnitus and high frequency loss, you can lower the tones!

PM me here if interested

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