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GPZ 7000 In Noisy Ground

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Hi, can anyone tell me what settings I should use on my Z in very noisy/salty ground?

I have been working a patch and up until now the ground has been very easy to work, but now I'm into very noisy ground and feel I am missing gold.

I have reduced the "Sensitivity" and running in "Difficult Ground Type" but still, it's too noisy to work. 

Any help will be much appreciated. thanks.


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Evening Outback. 

I would do a full 'Reset to factory settings' just to make sure there is not some wayward function that is upsetting things. 

Difficult and high yield to start with. I find difficult and general slightly more jittery. 

Make sure the ferrite balance and ground balance procedures are followed for all ground/gold mode combos that you are using.  Put it in semi auto to lock in the ferrite balance. 

If still noisy drop sensitivity. 

Make sure volume not above 8.  If you've got a booster even turn volume to 2 or 3. 

You could always try 'locate patch' to try and smooth things a little. 

Keep audio smoothing off. 

If all that fails send me the coords and I'll try it out in about 3 weeks when I get a day off!!  :mellow:

Good luck :wink:

PS:. Have you been getting a decent bit of yellow? 

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Difficult, General, Patch Locate should handle most mineralised/salty ground with ease. Before the addition of Patch in the latest software update, I only ever encountered 3 spots of extreme mineralisation where I had to use Extra Deep & Difficult, and still found gold. You do lose a fair amount of sensitivity in Extra Deep, but I like to think that the reason I got gold there was that previous machines really struggled in that soil. 

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The key to dealing with noise on the GPZ is to first identify what is actually causing the noise. 

  • Check your Volume and Sensitivity settings, are they too aggressive?
  • Hold coil in the air but flat/parallel to the ground, listen to the threshold, if its unstable adjust the Manual Tune or do an Auto tune.
  • Ground balance detector then lift the coil away from the ground to above head height, if there is a loud moaning noise then there is salt present, the loudness of the signal indicates the level of salt signal. Adjust settings to suit, either by using the Ground Smoothing controls, Sensitivity, Gold Type, speed of the sweep of the coil or a combination of everything.

There are very few mineralised areas than will prevent the use of High Yield Difficult, but Salt will be more problematic than General or Extra Deep because of the frequency High Yield mode operates at (more sensitivity to high frequency responses). Generally speaking the only thing that will slow the GPZ down is Salt, if the settings are conservative then overall the GPZ runs a lot quieter than a GPX 5000 with a mono attached thanks to Super D coils and ZVT.

You can work quite salty environments with the GPZ by maintaining good coil control and sweep speed, the key control is to not lift the coil away from the ground suddenly. Establish the proper detecting height and speed of the coil and practice remaining in the margins of acceptable up and down movement and side to side speed motion to prevent noise. There is a lot of user created noise that can be removed from any detecting scenario, operators who develop good coil control skills will always have an advantage over other operators in difficult detecting locations.


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Thanks for all the advise from everyone, I will try everything mentioned and see how I go. Cheers 


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