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Just Counted All My Clad Coins

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I can barely pick it up :unsure:...I'll let you guys know how much but not sure when I'l get to doing it...as I'm still in collecting mode.


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A good friend from one of the metal detecting clubs I belong to has averaged over 5000 coins a year for the last 5 years, not counting the rings, bracelets etc. Living in PA the detectable season is roughly 8 months depending on when the ground freezes. An early snow fall actually keeps the ground from freezing and lets you see exactly where you`ve been. This last severe cold snap -15 degrees below will take weeks of warmth to thaw the ground.

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    • By Happa54
      Hey Everyone...I hope you all had a great weekend hunt.
      At present time, I'm chasing buffs & V nics. I did enough silver and wheats since last year and I want to focus on different things one category at a time.
      This morning I was able to spend approx 3 hours at a 3-4 acre 1920's park until they took over the field for soccer. Got 6 nics and other goodies. 
      There were just as many quarter signals as there were dimes and pennies signals. Tells me that it isn't getting hunted much, if any... right?
      In my quest for nics, I'm blocking out everything except 12/13 and 18+ and I have been doing well with the nics this way. If a silver gets in the way, then it's icing on the cake. 
      What prompted me to write is this morning I dug a nic with an erratic signal and it got me wondering. It rang up as a weak 12/13. Threw it in AM and a 16 pops up, then a 14, but then drops back down to 12/13.  Threw it in 10khz and the numbers didn't move much. I decided to dig which I normally would not do if it isn't a steady 12/13. But I did anyways, then out comes a bent, slightly cut Jefferson. There was nothing else in the hole after a 2nd sweep of the coil. This now makes me wonder if I need to open up the numbers a little more... like maybe 11 - 14? I don't want to miss that V or Buff. 
      Thanks for stopping in and giving your feedback.

    • By steveg
      Hi all!
      I have been out doing some night hunting the past few nights, as this is the time I have available right now due to my shift schedule!
      The first picture (of the UGLY war nickel and the wheat) is from my local park that after too many years of hunting it WAY too much, it's become VERY stingy at giving up good finds.
      The second, is from the following night, from a site that was an old golf course.  I've hunted one small part of this site heavily with my Explorer (a sidewalk next to where the pool used to be), as this small section gave up a large number of wheats -- probably about two dozen, but never a silver coin from this part of the site.  However, there are a lot of nails in this little area as well, so I thought that maybe with the Equinox I might be able to scare up another wheatie.  Well, I underestimated the Equinox's ability to find partially masked targets!  Nearly every one of those coins (plus several Memorial pennies not shown) had at LEAST one nail in the hole with them, and the ones that didn't, had nails nearby enough to foul up the signal, to varying degrees.  After several of these digs, the Equinox and I got on the same page, and I became really confident in what I was hearing -- and when it was trying to alert me that there was a coin hidden in the iron.  Let's just say I'm EXTREMELY impressed.  EVERY one of these coins was passed over with the Explorer, multiple times.  To say I am a bit shocked, is an understatement...

    • By RenoGeoff
      Hi Guys, Just joined this forum when I saw all the great info. Have found some some nice finds but no silver yet, mostly wheaties.. (the places I've hit I haven't found silver in at least the last 5 outings anyway so wasn't expecting much, plus a couple new spots I wanted to check out that I figured were hit hard, but still got something from each.) Still reading through older posts, but wanted to see if anyone has live dig videos of iron trash areas or ghost towns?  I'm curious what a good target amongst the trash would sound like. I'm moving from an Explorer to take advantage of the speed of the Nox in these areas.  I have been digging mostly clean signals in trash for now, and hitting nice on nickels and wheats, but still looking for some masked silver the Explorer might have missed.  The watch was 6" and the token 2" in trash, from different locations.

    • By Vez
      It is rare I would dig a nickle on a hunt let alone 3!  Was a quick 3 hour hunt in a very small 1800s park I have hit for many years.  Most of this stuff had to have been previously masked by screw tops and iron.  More than a few of these had a nail come out of the plug first or after I retrieved the target.  One wheat has iron oxide on the obverse from where it has been resting on a nail, cant get a date off of it.  I had such a great time!  I had to share, thank you for your time and looking! 
      What a day! 
      1941 Jefferson
      1909 V Nickle x2
      1916, 1919, cant see date Wheat
      1903, 1893, 1890 IHC
      Sterling Ring
      2 piece great seal button
      1951 Canadian Cent
      and other tiny non FE stuff!

    • By DukeBoxer
      My neighbor has been coming over my house asking for a snow shovel I have since he knows I'm moving. Saturday he came over and I gave it to him and asked if I can detect his front yard quickly. My neighborhood was built in the 50's and I've found silver in almost every yard I've been to. My first target was a 28/29 and sounded like it was right on top of the ground. I dug down a little and saw a silver edge and grabbed the coin and I didn't realize what it was at first but I saw the queen and a date and realized it was a Canadian quarter, 1963. That's all the good stuff I found there
      Later that night I went back to the baseball field that I found the white gold band in and got this horrible sounding signal (Park 1, 50 Tones) I thought it was just big iron so I dug it to see if I was right. It was down pretty deep and when I got it out it was still not a great sounding signal but then I realized why. It was on edge and I was catching it off the edge of the coil, not in the center. Again I pulled it out and saw a silver rim, this time it was a 1952 Washington quarter. I also found 2 junk earrings about 3 feet apart, the first one I found rang up as 18 and I swept around that area and got another solid 18 and dug the other earring. Pretty funny that I found both but I used the ID from one to determine where the other one was.
      On Sunday I went to an old baseball field (on the 1940's map) that's kind of overgrown now. My cousin just got an equinox 600 and I was helping him out trying to learn it. He yells over to me "What's a 17" I said I have no idea but if its solid dig it. He did and yelled over that is was a 1943 P nickel. I was telling him how awesome it was that he dug that and that it was a coin that was still eluding me. Then right after I said that I got a solid 14 and dug it and it ended up being a 1942 P nickel, sweet! About 5 steps back I got a 25/26/27 signal and was hoping for a silver dime and out popped a 1924 Merc. After that I walked to where I thought the infield was and got a solid 12. I thought maybe an older nickel but out popped another 1942 P war nickel. Now that's 3 that all rang up different. We were both in Park 1. He was in 5 tones and I was in 50. Later on I got a solid 18 and got a shield with a cross, fleur de lys and lions on it. I typed that into google when I got home and it turns out it was part of a brooch from the 60's. Last, I got a 20/21 but it was reading deeper so I dug it and it ended up being an old toy car. Here are some shots...If you've read this far and are interested in the car it's all yours. Otherwise I'll probably toss it...Oh, my cousin also found a flat button with loop on back (shank I think it's called) that rang up a solid 22 he said. I dont have a picture of that though

    • By SittingElf
      Spent another three hours hunting around some foundation slabs of demolished homes on base this morning. The 600 is really starting to talk to me!
      Unbelievable how many dimes I pulled out on both hard and wispy hits today. I also am really beginning to like 50-tones vs 5. The final learning task today was starting to understand the language of target masking. It's becoming real for me, and I was able to dig some coins today in the middle of trash. WOW! Park 1, NC, GB, 25 vol, 50-Tones, 22 sens, all non-ferrous open, speaker today.
      Being the conscientious and honest person that I am, I know that GI Joe is probably apoplectic about losing his dog tags, so if anyone knows how to contact him, or his girlfriend Barbie, I'd be happy to send them back to him! 
      Today's take: Yet another 30cal cartridge in a housing area!!?? Added three more cars to my growing Matchbox and HotWheels car collection. A cufflink (first), and a Belgian pin of some sort. Participation coin made of some light non-ferrous metal at 13".
      13 Dimes, 14 Copper Pennies, 2 wheaties (1944 oldest), 4 quarters.

      Poor GI Joe! Needs his DogTags!