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Great finds oneguy, and thanks for the cleaning tips! I will experiment on the Buffalo nickel I found.

Most of these old nickels and pennies as you note are worth very little and so I prefer them as pretty as I can make them.

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Nice work Steve...thats a lot of silver for park hunting. Hoping to see some gold rings soon. 


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I have not really focused at all on doing much jewelry hunting with Equinox yet, although I have found typical junk jewelry finds while coin detecting. One silver ring in there I believe but need to clean it up. I did a few hours wading at Tahoe but no gold. I think with ground still frozen it’s time to get with the jewelry detecting which does not require digging a plug. Good idea - thanks!

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    • By TabZilla
      Stumbled upon this beauty in the woods behind a hotel in Nashville a few weeks ago. 1/2 hour hunt turned a couple modern bullets , 2 modern coins , a few cans, and this 1918 merc. You just never know!

    • By RenoGeoff
      Went to a place that I knew had lots of trash, bits of metal and square nails and I've hunted this place out I thought.  I had found a seated quarter and V nickel back in the day but nothing for the last couple years. This is why I got the equinox for places like this. Mostly shallow Target surrounded by iron.

    • By Jeff in Pa
      First thing today after work, put it together, charging and waiting.. too long.. LOL.
      Anyway I got the headphones paired and out to my front yard I go. First the history. My house was built in the 1850'S and had a bar right next to it. I have pounded this very small section  ( maybe 45 feet by 30 feet) with many explorers, Etracs, Deus's and CTX. Mainly the Deus and Etrac. I have pulled dozens of indians, largies, 2 centers, v nickels, buffalo's, wheats but mostly indians. I have cleaned this ground so dry that the non-ferrous targets are gone or at least I thought.
      Alright I had no more than 10 minutes to spend today swinging in this iron infested ground.
      Very first target, one way jumped out at me.. dig me! The other direction it sounded bad but consistent. 
      So I dig, 4 to 5 inches.
      I guess you guys weren't kidding after all!!
      It's gonna be a good year!!

    • By Ridge Runner
      I’m going to tell you what little I know from a friend from a friend of his that is saying very little as in next to nothing.
      It started out this guy wanted to get into coin hunting. He looks around and find himself a used Teknetics. Now remember all this is new to him.
      He’s out there just swinging his new used detector and he gets a signal. Well like all good American boy he starts digging. He gets a hole dug about a foot down and hits a brick. Then he makes the hole bigger and low and behold there is another brick next to the first one. The thing is the two bricks are not next to each other but has a space in between. He’s thinking I didn’t detect the bricks and he didn’t because here is this tin laying in between the two bricks. I haven’t got the straight of the type of tin but maybe that will come later.
      Here he is with this so called tin in his hands trying to pry it open. Now hold on because this is the things that can dirty your pants.
      Okay now he’s got it open. He pops it out into his hand and there lays a Double Eagle better known as a twenty dollar gold coin.
      Of all things it’s a walking Liberty with a flying Eagle on the backside . Oh yes I did leave the date out didn’t I.
      This old girl is carrying a date of 1907. If you look in a coin book none of them come cheap. He told the guy I know that he knows that it’s worth no less than 6000.
      My friend wanted his to send a picture on the phone but the guy said no and he wouldn’t say where he found it. Because it’s a rare coin he just wanted to keep it under wraps at this time.
      If can at a later date I’ll give you the rest of the story.
    • By love2dig
      Club hunt yesterday ...  still learning my machine but pulled this CT copper at about 10" down...

    • By Cabin Fever
      My first Gold Coin!
      I was working my way back to the truck today while hunting an early 1900s city park when the unimaginable happened.. I had about 5 minuets left to hunt and got a nice solid, deeper sounding 18-19..  I had pulled Indian Head cents out of this area of the park before, and I’ve had a couple on the Equinox bounce down and touch this VDI region in the past, so I thought I might be on to either an Indian or very early Wheat cent..  Little did I know my Indian would turn out to be a 1910 Indian Half Eagle Gold Coin!
      When I first opened the plug I went down about 5” and found a small piece of junk.. Its an old snap cover or something unrecognizable..  I put the plug back together and and gave it another sweep figuring the target I pulled didn’t really match the signal.. Back came the solid 18-19 signal, only better.
      I reopened the plug and started scooping out the dirt when a nice chunk of round gold appears in the hole!  It looked good, but without my readers on, and being fooled a million times in the past by gold foil and such, I wasn’t sure.. It looked good enough to get my heart racing..  I don’t normally talk out loud to myself, but I blurt out to who I don’t know.. “You Better Not Be F***ing With Me!!” I put on my glasses, picked it up and instantly felt the weight.. I then knew it was gold! To say I was shell shocked is an understatement..
      I don’t consider this area to have great potential for a gold coin, so I never really thought I would  find one..  Thankfully, I thought wrong..
      Equinox 800 - Park 1 - 50 Tones - Recovery 4 - Iron Bias 3  Approximate  depth 7”..