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    • By phoenix
      I have noticed since I have been detecting in semi auto tracking, at the start of the day when I drop the ferrite ring on the ground, I can never hear the ferrite, but I do the thing with the quick track button anyway.  
      My question is:    Once I have set up the detector to the ferrite ring in semi auto tracking, if I NEVER touch the quick track button ever again, and never take the detector out of semi auto, do I ever have to use the ferrite ring again?
        It seems to me if you dont touch the quick track button in semi auto the detector always has the correct ferrite balance regardless of ground conditions.  Dave
    • By DolanDave
      What ground balancing mode does everyone use? Only reason I ask, is I recently saw a video with Johnathan Porter on Facebook, , where he got a faint signal, that ended up being a nugget. He mentions if he was in auto, passing over the target 3-4 times, more than likely the signal would have went away. 
        Now I hunt in auto, and I can't count how many times I've come across a faint target, and it went away after a few swipes of the coil. Now I wonder how much gold I've missed....😢
    • By Steviebam
      What would the difference be on mineralized rocks and hot bedrock between these two detectors? Took out my 3k and had a hard time detecting due to these two factors. Hoping a new 7k would solve that issue. Thanks.
    • By Norvic
      Ok I am just passing this link on, as I found it of interest I feel others on DP perhaps may be interested. This is the first I`ve heard of such thus have no idea if it is for real but I hope it is so, we want lighter, smaller, even bigger coils for our Zs. and as we`ve experienced, with the aftermarket coils for SD-GPX series, increased finds, why not for the Z?
    • By Rail Dawg
      What's the current feedback on the GPZ-19 coil?
      Good to have?
    • By Don71
      I used the GPZ 7000 in the Summer of 2016 (with yellow ferrite ring)  but it had so much ground feedback in my detecting area that I sold it. I found that the ground noise on the GPZ was masking targets over the GPX-5000 running in fine or enhance gold timings. (Damp & salty highly mineralized ground.)

      Question: Has the latest software update with Locate Patch & Semi-Auto Ground balance helped significantly to handle this type of bad ground feedback?
      I am considering buying another GPZ 7000 this Summer to try again.
      Also, I found that the 5000 can match or beat the 7000 on larger chunky gold targets when running the larger coils.
      (And of course, the GPZ was superior on some specimen gold types vs the 5000.)
      Here is an air test on a 3 ounce wire gold & quartz nugget below.
      The 7000 was at maximum sensitivity of 20 with the stock 14" GPZ Coil. (I didn't own the 19" GPZ coil to try in this test.)
      I mostly ran in Difficult/General or Difficult/High Yield as Normal mode was impossible here, too much ground noise!
      3 Ounce Wire Gold Nugget:  (air test)
      GPZ 7000:
      Difficult/General:  18"
      Difficult/HY: 18"
      Difficult/X-Deep: 16"
      Normal/General: 21"
      Normal/HY: 23"
      Normal/X-Deep: 20"
      Severe: 15"
      GPX 5000:
      Fine Gold w/12" NF Round EVO coil: 17"
      Normal w/12" NF Round EVO coil: 21"

      Fine Gold w/15" NF Round EVO coil:  18"
      Normal w/15" NF Round EVO coil: 23"

      Fine Gold w/19" NF Round EVO coil: 20"
      Normal w/19" NF Round EVO coil: 25"

      Fine Gold w/25" NF Round Advantage coil: 20"
      Normal w/25" NF Round Advantage coil: 26"