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Gold Basin Meteorite Pendant

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Wow! That is beautiful, Fred! I'm gonna have to do something like that now! Keeping the wife in pretty baubles insures more hunting time:wink:. Last time Chris and I were in GB he killed it on the space rocks and I got skunked. Next time it's my turn!

Thanks for sharing that.


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Fred that pendant is unlike anything I've ever seen... simply beautiful. Thanks for posting this unique treasure. :cool:


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Very nice, thanks for posting Fred!

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    • By mn90403
      I was going out to watch the meteor shower tonight and detect nuggets in the desert but it is cloudy.  
      If you are in clear skies this is the night!
    • By Lunk
      Pictured is a 15 gram meteorite fragment I came across while detecting for gold nuggets in the Arizona desert today, in an area with no recorded meteorite falls. The stone is from a relatively recent fall; the primary and secondary fusion crusts are still quite black and unoxidized. Now the real fun begins: searching for more fragments!

    • By Lunk
      Searching a new spot in the sunny Arizona desert this morning netted 3 small nuggets. While aimlessly swinging the mighty Zed back to the truck for lunch, a faint signal stopped me cold; what at first glance appeared to be a small magnetite hot rock  turned out to actually be a meteorite fragment. After lunch, the Zed went to bed and out came the Gold Monster. While searching for more fragments, the GM 1000 signaled with a strong non-ferrous target response that turned out to be another small gold nugget. All in all, a fantastic day.
      More details here:

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    • By tvanwho
      Heard the news lately? Today a fireball exploded over SE Michigan and registered a 2.0 earthquake.
      Now, since we know the rock exploded, how to find the meteorites on the ground ,if they made it that far?
      I always heard that when the meteorite light goes out, the rock can still be 5 miles high?
      So, how would you trace it to where the rocks fell to earth exactly?
      It was seen in 6 states and Canada.
    • By DolanDave
      Got out yesterday with 2 buddies to Franconia, AZ. meteorite hunting. It's been a long time since getting back out there. I didn't miss all the hot rocks, WW2 bullets and trash, digging 2 foot .50 cal bullets, ect. The GPZ handles hot rocks pretty good, but not out there, there are some hotter than a goats ass in a pepper patch. 😁 But overall it was a nice day, and we all beat the skunk. Here are some H Metal Iron meteorites found out there.