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Gerry in Idaho

For Sale Three 14" Ellip Coils & Mother Planet Ship Coil

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I have 3 great condition Coils and a Mother PLANET Ship Coil for sale.

1st coil to Left is SOLD. Coil on left is newest version Nugget Finder  14” x 9” EVOLUTION coil sells new for around $500.  I want $350 + you get extra $40 Minelab shaft with hardware.

2nd coil (center) is no longer for sale.  The newest version CoilTek 14” x 9” ELITE series coil sells for $350 new.  $275 + the shaft for free

3rd coil (right) is another NF 14” Ellip Advantage series coil that sold new for $450.  I want $200.

All 3 coils have been tested and come with coil covers.

Last (on top) is the Mother of all coils and it is a CoilTek called the Mother Ship.  This is a specialty coil designed for certain tasks.  Call me for details on that coil

I don’t check the forum as often as regular emails, which you can contact me via my web site www.gerrysdetectors.com

Yes I have more coils, but not the time to do photos right now.

Thanks,  Gerry





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