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Chase Goldman

Equinox = Disappointment Coming For Dedicated Salt Beach Detectorists?

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On 1/14/2018 at 4:47 AM, ☠ Cipher said:

My understanding of BBS/FBS is that it's not all that we've been led to believe it is. The idea that FBS would transmit, receive and process 28 frequencies simultaneously is pretty ambitious. On closer consideration, Minelab only claims to transmit 28. Carl Moreland, formerly of Whites, now First Texas, is convinced beyond doubt that based on his tests FBS only uses (transmits, receives, and processes) 2 frequencies, and the same 2 (3.25khz and 25khz) with the rest being harmonic echoes of the base frequencies that any multifrequency machine could claim to transmit and which serve no useful purpose other than marketing. The clever stuff to him is the sequence in which those frequencies are fired and the way the half life of the 3.25khz frequency is utilized. So it will be interesting to see, if all this is true, how a machine that actually uses (transmits, receives, and processes) 5 frequencies does in saltwater and if Minelab is downplaying it there for obvious reasons. One thing I found curious is when Steve reported what seemed to be no loss of depth from single frequency mode to Multi-iQ. This almost suggests to me that Multi-iQ may not be so much "simultaneous" as sequential, in rapid succession. 

My mate told me that the FBS at best transmit only a few freqs at a time . And maybe the Equinox will too ? Not being any good at electronics i wouldn't know and as long as they work i dont care either . In any case the fact still remains that they are the best on the salt wet other than a PI . The V3i is supposed to be multi freq and uses 3 freqs , are they used the same way as FBS or do they run together ? They can be used singularly too like or similar to the Equinox . 

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The number of transmitted frequencies is a marketing thing. All that matters is frequencies received and processed. Even more important is how the frequencies are processed.

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I dont think anyone hunting a salt water beach is going to be disappointed....... in fact i think ML may have to change that suggestion that its not as good as BBS/FBS out there for gold at least.

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      I have the pleasure of sporting the worst cold I have ever had. I should be doing battlefield metal detecting, but for the past 5 days I am just enjoying this cold.😡 So, not feeling like doing any real work or going anywhere, I decided since my beach hunts are over until fall, I would gather up and count and post all my finds for the whole season…. A season wrap up, if you will. Since I couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to do everything in one post I figured I would at least post the good stuff. So here it is – the Gold and Silver finds from last Labor Day thru this Memorial Day. I managed 36 beach trips, not sure how many hours but probably about 250 hours of detecting. The breakdown goes like this: Gold total – 36 pcs, at an average of 1 pc per visit. Silver total (coins and other) – 207 pcs, at an average of 5.75pcs per hunt. The breakdown for silver is: 146 coins consisting of 6 Half Dollars, 27 Quarters, 98 dimes, 15 War Nickels. The other items (rings, chains, earrings, pendants, odd broken pieces etc.… - amounted to 61 pcs. Coming later “someday” will be the clad count, and a breakdown of the junk items to show the ratio of good to bad that comes with the territory. It was a great season for me and I look forward to shifting gears and doing the battlefield hunting and maybe some cellar hole hunting if I get a chance. And since I have neglected my other hobbies, maybe doing some of those until Labor Day.  Most of the gold was found because of the Equinox, probably 75-80% of it. Most of the silver was found with the GPX (at depth) probably 90% of it. Not a great comparison since I have found most of that gold in 8 visits and the silver was found with about 28 visits and I was specifically looking for deep silver, so I did not use the Equinox for that, mainly due to the fact that it was busy finding gold  Seriously, I was too inexperienced to get that kind of depth out of the Equinox, as most of that silver was in the 14" deep range, basically sitting on a clay layer with the sand above it containing small wisps of very fine black sand.  But that combination worked well for me and I'll probably stick with it for a while.

    • By Buzzard
      I will be going out into the real world detecting this morning, going to a freshwater beach....not and old beach but busy on the weekends. I have seen other detectors out there but nothing too fancy.
      We will see how the Nox does...I know lots of bottle caps.
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      Any one know if the ctx coils interchange with the equinox beside the mounting on the shaft?
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      I have the Nox 600 and love it. But is there any way to keep tones from Park 2 which I like when switching to Park 1, Field 1 or 2, or Beach 1 or 2 ? 
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      With my previous detectors, the last few hunts here were anything but productive yielding no more than 2 to 3 non-ferrous targets.  Despite a knee high Rye cover crop that I was not expecting, I was able to make a few finds from this heavily worked old home site. It was a quick hunt of only and hour or so due to the cover (I'll be back) but the Nox and I were able to come up with 7 non-ferrous including a 1895 IH penny.   The button came up first and only 20' into the field from where I always park.  This entire area leading into where the old home sat in the field has been gridded with every detector I have had in the last 12 years.  Toward the end of the hunt I head off to the side a bit where numerous IH pennys were found in the past and the Nox did not disappoint.  With a full walk around signal bouncing from 17 to as high as 21 depending on angle of approach and centered, out one popped from only 2-3" deep.  The Racer 2 did well in this spot and all those finds were shallow as well.
      The 800 handled the iron here exceedingly well. Field 2 Sensitivity 20-21, Auto GB, recovery 5-7 depending on the iron and IB 0-1.