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11 hours ago, FlyFish said:

The CTX 3030 machine transmitting device - the same  5:30 The Noise Cancel function Offset


Thanks.  Will attempt this mod to change my 600 to an 800.

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On 1/13/2018 at 4:31 AM, dewcon4414 said:

Steve....... you confused me when you said it had 19 channels then went from - to + digits.   Is this different than FBS which has 11 channels each with random freqs?   Ive been on the beach to long so you may have to break this down lol.  YOu push noise cancel....... then it runs thru these channels or you can manually set... -9 ect?   what confused me is the digits you listed since noise cancel is normally just a push of the button and we have no idea whats going on .... just that it works lol.

The CTX 3030 has both automatic and manual Noise Cancel, and so does the Equinox 800. The Equinox 600 only has automatic. From the CTX Owner's Manual page 20:


Here are my first videos - sorry about the quality but it's a start...

herschbach-eqx800-noise-cancel-automatic.mp4 (4 MB)

herschbach-eqx800-noise-cancel-manual.mp4 (6.5 MB)

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Thanks for the video walking through the noise reduction menu on the 800.  Completely missed that little asterisk on the quick start guide regarding manual noise reduction only a feature on the 800.  Learn something new every day.

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