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Rod K

X-Terra 705 Gold Vs Nokta Fors Gold

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Steve, the 705 i am looking at says X-terra 705 on the control box so i assume it isn't a fake. So you think the 705 might be a better backup for the V-sat than one of the higher Khz units like the GM 1000 since i already have the V-sat?

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I wouldn't assume just as its branded right its not a fake, the chinese make exact replicas of a lot of detectors


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I sell both and have used both. Here's a few points of difference. 

  • 705 can be run on different frequencies (with different coils), the Fors Gold+ is locked on 19kHz
  • FG+ has an adjustable iSat, the 705 doesn't
  • FG+ has a search/night light, the 705 doesn't
  • All the FG+ coils are waterproof. The 705 10x5" elliptical and 10.5" round are not, but the others are.
  • Both run on 4 x AA's and have great run time
  • 705 is a little lighter, but the FG+ is better balanced, particularly with bigger coils
  • 705 has target notching ability, FG+ doesn't 
  • 705 has a Iron Mask circuit in all-metal mode, whereas the FG+ has an active target ID in its all-metal mode
  • Both have very good volume, auto tracking, auto GB/reset/grab, adjustable Audio Tone, Freq shift

Where they differ more is in the Disc modes. The 705 has a single style disc mode, but you can save 4 different "patterns" or levels of discrimination. The Disc mode is a beep mode, and does have various tone options, 4-tone, multi etc. This is what most coin hunters want. 

The FG+ has two different Disc modes Fast & Boost, but both of them are VCO or modulated audio. Both are two-tone modes, i.e. low tone for ferrous, and high tone for non-ferrous, but targets get higher in pitch the bigger/closer they are. This is generally the type of Disc mode preferred by Relic hunters, but I love the modulated audio for searching for shallow modern coins in certain areas, as I can ignore the deeper mellower responses. 

So basically, the 705 gives you more versatility to hunt for coins, especially with 7.5 kHz coil options, and notching.

The Fors Gold+ is more a gold/relic hunter, and for those who like to hunt more so by audio. 






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P T, thank you for the info on the 2, i appreciate it. It is appearing more and more that i should just use and learn the V-sat i have for now or maybe replace it with a Gold Monster 1000 or Macro Gold Racer. How do those two compare?

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