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Pipe Locators As Cache Locators?

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Apparently this is my day for questions....  Although this could be a general question, I'm asking here because Fisher has two similarly looking detectors:  Gemini-3 for treasure and TW-6 for pipe and cable locating (in their Industrial Division).  I seem to recall other manufacturers (possibly Garrett) at least in the past having similar differenced models.

My main question is:  will the TW-6 do everything the Gemini-3 does?  I'm pretty sure the Gemini-3 will not do everything the TW-6 does, but I'm not interested in locating pipes,...  :wink:

While I'm at it -- one more question.  I know these are old designs, from back in the 70's or before.  With all the new advances in detectors (particularly PI's), have these two-box T/R detectors been rendered obsolete?  My guess is 'no' since they are still being made and sold, but sometimes that is a bad conclusion.

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Many companies dress up their "treasure detectors" as "utility detectors". The only difference between the Gemini III and TW-6 is packaged accessory items and the Gemini has a simplified control set.

Two box detectors are basically large coils. One box is the transmitter coil, and one the receiver coil. The distance between the two boxes set the size of the "coil". A Gemini III mounted on the connecting rod is basically an induction balance metal detector with a 4 foot coil. Better yet, you can separate the boxes and use in tandem with another person to create what are in effect super large coils.

Not sensitive to items much smaller than a softball but lots of depth on large items like fuel tanks, etc. Certainly not obsolete, still standard gear in some surveyor and utility trucks.

Gemini III Owner's Manual

TW-6 Owner's Manual

For Treasure Hunting



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Thanks, Steve.  That White's video in the 2+ year old thread that you linked to is quite informative.  I probably wouldn't have realized that metal in your pockets, etc. would be picked up and therefore make detecting hindered/impossible.  I guess you need to have a partner to carry all the digging tools!  (Or just flag the spot and return with the tools.)

I can imagine the right application/target/depth (RickUK had a good example in that linked thread) would emphasize how this type of detector can be the difference between finding and not finding a valuable target.

You see these (Garrett, White's, Fisher and some older brands) come up used on Ebay for very reasonable prices on a fairly regular basis.  At some point it's going to be hard for me to resist picking one up.

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