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How she look ? Dose this look like my punch screens will work great and giv the material more time to wash? Giv me poiters to please!!




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I have put together something similar. I am going to use a 3"  Hydro-Force Dredge Nozzle into mine. I made hole in hopper 3 inch, and fabricated a 3 inch hose coupler with sheet metal which I mounted with bolts, so I could hook 3 inch dredge hose to. I go from grizzly to punch plate to expanded metal over low profile rubber mat. And rest of sluice is expanded metal over miners moss. I will try and post a couple photos of mine. Nice job,




20171112_123524_resized (1).jpg

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I totally got rid of the grizzly bars and put in perforated steel sheet with 3/4 inch square holes. It does mean I have to rake rocks out by hand  a LOT more, but I won't lose  bigger gold or other stuff out the back so much, like coins, copper nuggets, arrowheads, jewelry, etc.

I also squeezed in 4 x 1 inch diameter spray bars so it pounds the gravel better from all 4 sides. I hardly lost any small pea size gravel and sands out the back like I used to with the grizzly bars. I would guess 95% under 3/4 inch size went into the sluice. In my sluice I have a foot of bare metal under the hopper, then 8 inch of Keene Miracle mat, then 16 inch of raised expanded aluminum over carpet and moss and just a few stream riffles.

It works better now than ever before, nice smooth water flow and no clogged riffles. I am just using a Honda WX15 pump and 70- gpm , might try my Keene P90 pump this year and 2 inch dredge nozzle and hose.

And I have the rear end mounted on 16 inch wheelbarrow floatation tires to make it easy to move. Had to weld an aluminum tube axle under the approx. center of gravity spot.

I can also mount the engine/pump on top of the sluice just in front of the hopper if needed. Vibration to settle out the heavies?



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