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Nuke em

Beach Finds 14-01-18 Silver Today

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This morning i got up early and did one or two things before going to the beach for a 10.30 am start . I didn't bother checking the main beaches i do but got a Bus to the furthest beaches that i dont normally do . I started on the beach and a lot of the time it was quiet but then as before i was finding coinage in lines and next to groins . I had a long walk back to the normally better beaches but didn't care , all the while i was finding something i was happy . I was hoping for another Gold but that wasn't to be this time and by 2 pm i had to get a move on and walked back to the main beaches over a mile away . One of my last finds was an old Silver ring , i also found 6 fishing weights but haven't taken a picture of them , they just go straight into the bucket.

My total for today was £36.40p , a Silver ring , 6 lead weights , a Foreign coin i couldn't identify and for the American here a US Dime from 1979 .

My next trip is on Wednesday but the weather might stop it , its going to be very wet and rough . But then again who cares .


3) £36.40p FOUND 14-01-18 E. 11.JPG

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Went back this morning and found nothing except rubbish . We have had some bad weather and its messed the beach up. Tonight there is more bad weather which could turn it around again . Will be my last chance till late next week if i go tomorrow.

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Looks like you had a good time. Thanks for the pics and good luck.

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Going to be very windy tomorrow "Storm Georgina" or something . Its a long tide and the tide is out early so i might go . I will go straight to the area i found the Gold and Silver rings from the last searches . It didn't look that good for finds this morning but then i gave up early , hopefully it will be better tomorrow . I can only stay out from 6am till 10am anyway .

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Thanks for sharing Nuke em.


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    • By foreverteachable
      A few finds from a plowed field that I have permission to detect in Mass. I was lucky to find that they were late in planting it. The little button was really cool.

    • By 1515Art
      There is an old park near my home, one I've hunted fairly often not that I've found much of interest beyond the usual junk jewelry and clad, but the area is rich in history, so I'm always hopeful. Sadly most of the old park is gone to new grass, play areas and everything else park like is new'ish, still the park is dear to my heart with fond memories there as a toddler watching my dad play music on stage there, towards the end of his music career on one holiday, the old grandstand long gone. There is one area above the developed park that looks like fairly virgin ground, a little section kept to wilderness and loaded with trash old and new, more on the old side but still plenty of non ferrous. It's an overwhelmingly difficult area to isolate a signal and when I go in there I usually don't last very long before finding myself back into the manicured lawn. With the new hunting season on us and plans for the high country in the works I've taken to punishing my self in this undeveloped part of the park testing different settings on the deus 9"hf coil, with the exception of milder soil than up north making things a bit easier, I'm thinking this should be good practice for my ear for the iron infested gold field areas. I took a couple of pictures in my hunt area, the city crews cut the grass in a few spots and the poison oak's not out much yet so hunting is not to bad in those places. The other two pictures other than the coins show some old stone steps running up the hill in one picture and the other shows what looks to me like the foundation from an old stone fire place and some of the building foundation stones. I found the handle from an old cooking pot not far from the fireplace stones, the coins came from different spots between the fireplace stones and stone step, all targets around 4" or so deep. Hunted an hour today and all I could find were pieces of old aluminum, rusted bottle caps (I knew, but checked due to the iron trash) some clad and a house key also a bit of melted lead, junk...but still targets. I really think this spot has something if I can find the willpower to stick it out😏😁. The buffalo didn't see much circulation before someone dropped it and is fairly decent if not for the heavy corrosion from being buried for so long, my scrubbing didn't help the coin any, but I don't think when they are corroded that much that it really matters, so I scrubbed the heck out of it so I could enjoy my find. So, buffalo, couple of wheats... must be something else???

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      Stumbled upon this beauty in the woods behind a hotel in Nashville a few weeks ago. 1/2 hour hunt turned a couple modern bullets , 2 modern coins , a few cans, and this 1918 merc. You just never know!

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      Went to a place that I knew had lots of trash, bits of metal and square nails and I've hunted this place out I thought.  I had found a seated quarter and V nickel back in the day but nothing for the last couple years. This is why I got the equinox for places like this. Mostly shallow Target surrounded by iron.

    • By Jeff in Pa
      First thing today after work, put it together, charging and waiting.. too long.. LOL.
      Anyway I got the headphones paired and out to my front yard I go. First the history. My house was built in the 1850'S and had a bar right next to it. I have pounded this very small section  ( maybe 45 feet by 30 feet) with many explorers, Etracs, Deus's and CTX. Mainly the Deus and Etrac. I have pulled dozens of indians, largies, 2 centers, v nickels, buffalo's, wheats but mostly indians. I have cleaned this ground so dry that the non-ferrous targets are gone or at least I thought.
      Alright I had no more than 10 minutes to spend today swinging in this iron infested ground.
      Very first target, one way jumped out at me.. dig me! The other direction it sounded bad but consistent. 
      So I dig, 4 to 5 inches.
      I guess you guys weren't kidding after all!!
      It's gonna be a good year!!

    • By Ridge Runner
      I’m going to tell you what little I know from a friend from a friend of his that is saying very little as in next to nothing.
      It started out this guy wanted to get into coin hunting. He looks around and find himself a used Teknetics. Now remember all this is new to him.
      He’s out there just swinging his new used detector and he gets a signal. Well like all good American boy he starts digging. He gets a hole dug about a foot down and hits a brick. Then he makes the hole bigger and low and behold there is another brick next to the first one. The thing is the two bricks are not next to each other but has a space in between. He’s thinking I didn’t detect the bricks and he didn’t because here is this tin laying in between the two bricks. I haven’t got the straight of the type of tin but maybe that will come later.
      Here he is with this so called tin in his hands trying to pry it open. Now hold on because this is the things that can dirty your pants.
      Okay now he’s got it open. He pops it out into his hand and there lays a Double Eagle better known as a twenty dollar gold coin.
      Of all things it’s a walking Liberty with a flying Eagle on the backside . Oh yes I did leave the date out didn’t I.
      This old girl is carrying a date of 1907. If you look in a coin book none of them come cheap. He told the guy I know that he knows that it’s worth no less than 6000.
      My friend wanted his to send a picture on the phone but the guy said no and he wouldn’t say where he found it. Because it’s a rare coin he just wanted to keep it under wraps at this time.
      If can at a later date I’ll give you the rest of the story.