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I'm No Mitchel

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Because instead of 3 rings I got one. It's titanium. 

I was out at the beach this afternoon to hunt the squeaker low tide (-.05) and to see how the swell had affected the sand movement. Finally a cut has started to form and sand is headed back out to sea. My third signal on the Excal II and you could immediately tell it wasn't a coin. Bingo its a ringo. I wish it was gold but any ring is fun to find so i'll take it.

In other news it sure seems like someone is seeding the beach with zincs. I dug many nearly new zincs today and only a few aluminum balls. Usually this beach will give me 25-30 aluminum balls of crap per couple of hours of work and I dug only 4 today. I did dig a quarter at nearly 18" on the excal which is pretty deep for what we do here. 

Since I got the ring early on all I could think about was matching Mitchel. Instead I harvested zincs all afternoon. :wacko: By the way the waves were big today and the tide was sneaky. I got a little wetter than I had planned today. 

Dave (Skate)

image1 (2).jpg

image2 (3).jpg

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Nice find. . . sure beats the heck out of another zink or A-ball.

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