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Gold Monster On The Beach

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Just wondering on peoples thoughts on how the GM would go on the beach, I am looking at buying one to use for hunting nuggets and cleaning up patches, but I go to the coast several times a year so it would be nice to still have a swing while on holidays.

I have seen some commentary about them being okay at finding gold chains etc and I know I will dig a lot of junk, just after thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

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I tried the GM in some tot lots and it hit on every little bitty piece of foil there.....way to sensitive in my opinion.

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This guy in Hawaii is a very experienced beach hunter and is doing just fine with his Gold Monster. It will get the foil but the gold also.

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I do use my GM here in Hawaii on the beach to find gold.  I did buy the GM just for hunting for gold jewelry here on the dry sand.  Having in the past lived in California and I did hunt for gold nuggets.  I knew that  I would be digging a lot tin foil, tiny pieces of different metals.  But if you do put in the time and dig enough targets.  You will find gold jewelry.  Granted some of it will be very tiny pieces broke off a larger gold item.  No fine gold chains yet but that just means to me that I have been over one yet.  

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Thanks guys for the feedback.

Sounds like my kids will be digging a lot of holes :wink: I cant get them out nugget hunting but mention the beach and they are all in!


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    • By Whitbey
      I am looking to buy the Universal shaft Adapter for the Gold Monster 1000, any body knows a dealer who is selling it? Could not find any dealer in the US who is selling it on the web, and also did not see it on the Minelab website any more .
      Help is appreciated, thanks in advance!
    • By U_U
      Did some testing with my new Gold Monster.

      The GM1000 is easy to use and has a perfect user interface. While it can be quite compact using custom parts, I wish Minelab would provide a telescopic shaft. A better shaft would really make a big difference for usability while hiking and biking with the monster.

      The hard part with the Gold Monster is learning to find the tiny targets it detects, digging staple-size targets is challenging.

      Now I am hoping to find both huge and tiny meteorites with the Gold Monster.
    • By SittingElf
      Lunk or someone I'm sure will be doing a comparison between the Gold Master 1000 and the Equinox 800 for hunting Meteorites.

      Looking forward to that comparison to determine whether I want to add the GM1000 primarily for Meteorite hunting while keeping the 600 and 800 for more general purposes.
    • By Frozen_daze
      Hi all, 
      My name is Joseph and am a lifelong resident here in Fairbanks, Alaska.
      After about 8 years of searching for gold with a pan, homemade sluice and 2" suction dredge, I'd decided to take a leap (after reading a few spectacular in-depth reviews here) on purchasing Minelab's Gold Monster 1000 at the beginning of April. I have a older Bounty Hunter tr/bfr detector and a older Fisher 1212x I'd found at a pawn shop although I learned they are both ok for finding decent size metals like keys/coins and hot rocks on the surface and the Bounty Hunter has helped me find black sands a few times, but not so good on the small sub-gram gold I normally find.
      The snow is still on the ground here, maybe 1ft in my yard and still around 7 feet in the area I like to spend the summertime prospecting.
       This past week I'd taken a short drive to one of the local fishing lakes to see if I could find some ground to get a little practice in and luck was in my favor. 
       Not being to familiar with detecting non-ferrous metals, I thought it would be a good idea to chase after some of the tin foil and lead sinkers that had been scattered all over the beach from years of people that like to hang out there.
      With the large coil on, I'd held the machine off the ground to power on, let it complete the air test and started out in "All Metal Mode" at "auto plus one" sensitivity and was about 30 seconds before I'd heard the first loud beep with the meter slamming to the right, it took a few moments to find out it was the first small split shot lead sinker! So on to the next few targets I'd noticed plenty of beeps with the meter going the other direction (ferrous) I'd dug them anyway to make sure and turned out being single fish hooks. What got really annoying was how overly sensitive the GM1000 is on tiny pieces of foil and I mean tiny! It screamed like it was a large target until I turned the sensitivity to manual to the 6th bar which calmed things down and helped me focus on some actual large targets. 
      After about an hour went by I had 14 lead sinkers, 5 hooks and a few pennies, I just had to check out the 5" coil. 
      Round 2: I'd returned to full auto plus one sensitivity and found what cherry picking really was by simply lifting the coil up just a little to see if I could make any difference in the sound getting lighter response from the smaller targets and seemed to do the trick of avoiding some (not all) of the tiny foil pieces and continued to score some good size lead, a few dimes, nickels and then my first silver which looked to be a part of a bracelet or?? Didn't matter so much as it made my day!
      I was happy to then try out the "gold mode" for a while as I felt really comfortable with the full auto/all metal settings. I did not like the beep..beep sound it made while ignoring the ferrous targets after hearing a more wha-zip sound I had gotten used to and doubt I'll ever use it in that environment again. (maybe in the hills?) Although the meter seemed to be spot on still.
      So back to it, I got to dig a few more hooks, sinkers, 2 fly's, more coins, a broken cheap ring, some tiny shotgun pellets, a few bullets, a pellet gun pellet and then the magic happened,  a beep like I hadn't heard yet...
      My first gold with the GM1000, first with a metal detector and first gold of the year was a 1" tall pendant (brass plate) with gold flakes and is my first Initial! A true blessing  as the silver was a great find for me, it still blows my mind and if I never find another flake with this machine, I couldn't be happier with how my first experience went!
      Thank you to all who have posted about this detector and other forms of prospecting knowledge, I hope I can do the same as I get more familiar with the gm1000 and will do my best to help contribute to any info I may provide in the future! 

    • By roddosnow
      Just thought i would post this up, i have been watching his clips for a while now, 
      He is the most prolific gold finder with the monster i have seen,
      certainly shows how good the monster is at pinging those specimens and tiny flakes.
      I have been loving the posts by Kiwijw & Phrunt who have been doing well with the monster in NZ but i haven't seen much of the monster in Australia and more in the more mineralised ground until i came across this guy.
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, We had a public holiday today. ANZAC Day. Anzac Day occurs on 25th April. It commemorates & is a day of remembrance to all New Zealanders & Australians killed in war and also honours returned servicemen and women. ... The date itself marks the anniversary of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZACs) landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915.
      They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them. We will remember them.  Lest We forget. 
      I packed the GM 1000 & the EQ 800 & headed out in search of some small tiny gold that I knew had to be lurking within the folds of schist bedrock & cracks & crevices. The area wasn't overly friendly for the EQ's 11" coil so I started out with the GM 1000 & its 5" coil to get into the tight places. Sensitivity was A combination of Manual 10 & Auto +.  Not 5 minutes into it & I had my first faint little signal.

      Down on to the schist bed rock & the target was out.

      A small piece of gold.

      Junk targets were very few. I got another good little hit in the folds of schist. Another small bit of gold.

       This was the start of a bit of a roll.
      Rabbit hole dig to the right & a signal dig on the left

      A small piece of gold.

      Most of the signals were very erratic on the gold chance indicator.  Sometimes there wasn't even any movement on it until a few scrapes had been made.
      Ended up with two bits from that dig. But oh so small. 

      Another good hit

      A better bit of gold.

      I then got a signal that had me into a couple of crevices in the schist bedrock.


      Ended up getting 3 bits from this little area.

      Tiny bit

      I then gave the EQ 800 a run & couldn't believe the two tiny bits I got with it. Full max sensitivity of 25 & multi IQ. Prospect mode 1.

      Can you even see it? To the left of the center bar on the E. Same in the below pic.

      I ended up going back to the GM. On my way back out I got a signal that turned out to be in a crevice that wasn't even visible until I dug into it & uncovered it. 

      It was on a drop of down into a tailing race.

      A small bit of gold

      On my walk back to my wagon I took a snap of the autumn colours looking down the river. 

      End result for the afternoon was 12 for the GM for .32 of a gram

      And two for the EQ 800 for .05 of a gram 

      Grand total of 14 for .36 of a gram. Won't be quitting my day job.
      Good luck out there