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I think maybe it's time for some additional terminology. We now have more and more machines with one single freq, some with with multiple single freqs, and some with multiple simultaneous freqs. There seems to be some confusion when using the term "multi-frequency" as to whether it means "more than one" or "several at the same time". Even machines with one-at-a-time multi-frequencies are sometimes referred to as being single frequency. Saying "simultaneous-multi-frequency" is more than a little cumbersome I think. "Multi IQ is proprietary and soon there will surely be more machines coming out from other companies with simultaneous-multi-frequencies. I have tried but so far I can only come up with silly suggestions like "1F", "MF", and "SMF".

If you agree that there is this problem with confusing terminology then I'll bet many of you can come up with much better, compact, catchy terms.

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There are quite a few areas of conflict and confusion when it comes to metal detector terminology. The manufacturers largely agree on some things, but now and then one will toss in a monkey wrench to confuse things. It has been on my mind as the subject of an article at some point. Some examples:

automatic ground balance - this can mean preset ground balance, "ground grab" or ground tracking

all metal mode - this can mean a true unfiltered all metal mode or a discrimination (filtered) mode set to accept all metals

multifrequency - this until recently meant a detector processes multiple frequencies at the same time. Now it can also mean a detector that allows you to select a single frequency from a choice of multiple frequencies.

Minelab Metal Detector Terminology

Tesoro Detecting Glossary

White's Glossary of Terms

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The first question I saw posted about the new Makro was about what their term "multi-frequency" meant exactly. What you say is certainly true but, due to the Eqx buzz, I don't see near as much interest in auto ground balance or all metal mode. For the moment anyway.

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