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just new here have minelab eureka gold just found out not make them anymore waiting for summer have fisher cz 20 love my cz 20 hope eureka gold can keep up lol 

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    • By Gatev
      Hi gyes , I’m new member in the forum and from one month I’m owner of Equinox 800 . I reading your post with interest . Mr. Steve Herschbach gives us priceless advices and everybody who own equinox too .I work with NOX almost every day in fields and woods. I finded few ancient coins . Great mashine , but need a lot of hours work . My program is field 1 , multy IQ , recovery speed 4 , iron bias 4 , 5 tones , all metal . I prefer all metal because I dont want to miss nothing in old woods and fields .
    • By Sigi0012
      i am from Austria (Europe) my name is Siegfried and i am 42 years old (sorry form y English) .
      Since 4 weeks i own the Equinox800 an 600, i hunt together wiht my son he ist 14 years old.
      We love the Equinox it is a first rate detector for us, we hunt mainly for coins.
      Findings from last week.
      Steve it is a great forum!

    • By tom reilly
      My first post after reading this fine forum's Nox thread a while.I've been an FBS user for over a decade with an Explorer II and a CTX,but at 68 I had to find a lighter unit for my shoulders sake.Got my 600 on Sat.,charged it and paired up my new avantree wireless and Sun. I went out to NYC park that has been a silver mine.I have found 569 silver coins here and my buds hundreds more since we have stumbled on to this park in 2009 however the silver has been drying up and my last 5 hunts have been skunks.I kept 600 settings in default park 1,only changing to 50 tone.My initial impression is it's a pleasure to swing such a light machine and i  could go all day with no pain.It is really fast  and being familiar with how numbers can bounce on Minelabs,I was able to call every coin before I dug it as a penny,dime,quarter.No deepies that I had missed before but I took it to the trashiest sites there( and NYC parks are the worst),I spot that I have pounded even with my 6" CTX coil,I managed to pop out a 47 Rosie(this a very eroded spot) at 1" and 08 Barber dime at 4"So far so good with the Nox.I will try other pounded parks in future hunts and see how it does but for $600 this thing seems like a real bargain.HH
    • By Don In South Jersey
      I have been detecting for over 30 years. Started out with a Whites 3000-D & after using multiple Whites products, I steered towards Minelab & they has been in my arsenal ever since.  I have been a long time Minelab user, from the Explorer, E-Trac, CTX & soon to be the Equinox, just waiting for my order to be shipped).  It will be real enjoyable not to have to use a harness like I did with the CTX.
      I noticed when I was looking for a more detailed explanation/answer about a detectors settings, how, what, where, when, why, or just general knowledge, I always seemed to end up on this site. Don't know why it took so long to join, but here I am & I hope I can contribute in the future.
      Happy Hunting
    • By FlySAR
      New to this site and like what I've read and how folks respond to one another.
      Bought my first machine at 13 in 1973 from Roy Lagal with steer sale money. It was a Garrett Ghostowner beep and dig with a strength & battery test meter. I found enough silver to buy my second machine in 81', a Garrett Deepseeker ADS, I still own the Ghostowner.
      Didn't detect from 83' to 2013 and boy don't I regret it. Fewer restrictions and I was East of the Mississippi 8+ of those yrs from 83-91.
      In 2008, after 26yrs in the Army & Coast Guard, I retired and 5 yrs later opened a box containing my Ghostowner.  The new technology after 40 yrs and this thing called a pinpointer is amazing. It's been a blast rediscovering our hobby for the past 4+ yrs.
      I met Tiftaaft at a club hunt last year and even though we live a few hours away from each other we try to hunt together a couple times per month.
      Look fwd to learning my newest Minelab (800) which should be here Monday or Tues.
      May you find time to enjoy our hobby and dig or scoop a little silver and gold along the way.
    • By GaryC/Oregon Coast
      New to the site!  Like what I see and read.  Hope to get out more with my Nox which replaced my X-Terra 705.  Being a California transplant to Oregon recently will require loads more outings to get a handle on all the new for me reg's and permits these Oregon coastal and inland counties require for hunting.  Only have about six hours on my Nox now so haven't tried to do much fiddling with the settings as of now.  Still learning the basics with this new monster.  Just an awesome site here Steve!  GaryC/Oregon Coast