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Steve Herschbach

Decent Buy On A Used Garrett Infinium?

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I got this question via email:

"Is it worth buying a Garrett LS Infinium?? I have a White's GM3 and a Gold Bug Pro. What say you at $550.00?

My reply:

The Garrett Infinium is not a bad detector, but I have to say I had more hardware failures with it than any other detector I have used. About half coil failures, and half control box failures. Since the Infinium is no longer made and all existing units are out of warranty, be careful to go with something in “like new” condition. I would not buy one that has seen much if any underwater use. $550 is ok for a spotless unit but given my previous comments seems a little high for run of the mill used units.

My best advice is shop for a White's TDI SL unless you have to have waterproof. The TDI SL has similar if not better performance and is an overall better choice since they are still made. You can probably pick one up with remaining warranty at a decent price used. Given that you seem geared to prospecting with your other detectors a TDI SL would serve better for that purpose due to the large array of inexpensive coil options. If you have to have a waterproof ground balancing detector on the cheap however, the Infinium is about the only option.

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