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Big Nugget Found With GPZ 7000

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Nice color. Chunky.

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Thanks for sharing Lunk,and a big congrats to all making the find.

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Wow!!! Amazing find, congratulations Rob!

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That gives gold fever for sure.:smile:

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26 minutes ago, Dick Ward said:



Yeah, what Dick said! :biggrin:

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Fantastic find Rob.  Could not have happened to a better guy, as you have put your time in my friend and those who do, a small % of you will find than Whopper.  Hats off to you joining the 1 Pound Club, it is a small club to begin with.  Hopefully it is not the biggest you ever find, but I know that one will be a tough one to beat.  GPZ is an amazing Minelab and I heard if we purchase one from you, you'll take us out there?  Yes I would purchase one from you too...LOL


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    • By tboykin
      Latest expedition - pocket gold hunting in Oregon. Rough gold found with White's Metal Detectors. Can't be more specific than that.
      Total weight for the day around 1/2 oz.

    • By Lunk
      After being tied up last weekend, I was finally able to get out into the hills with the Equinox today, and decided to spend some time fine-tuning the settings on the Gold Search Mode. I also decided to give max sensitivity a go on the mildly mineralized areas and, while it made the Nox quite sparky, I had no problem sorting out the various noises and homing in on the gold. While gridding a small area that has been hit hard with various VLFs, the Equinox hit a solid, repeatable target that read 1-2 on the display - right in the small nugget range. Upon recovering the target, I found that it was indeed a small nugglet. 🤘 

      I checked the dig hole before backfilling it and still heard a nice, crisp 1-2; a little more  digging and BOOYAH: another golden goodie! This process went on 3 more times, for a total of 5 pieces of gold out of the one hole...I like it when that happens! And just inches away, the EQX snagged 2 more nugglets. Needless to say, I’m astounded by the performance of this machine at locating some pretty tiny gold.
      Total weight 0.38 of a gram:

    • By mn90403
      Thursday I went out to a Southern California gold location with a couple of friends.  The intention was to prospect hard all day but things didn't work out quite that way.  We did get a chance to hunt on an old patch that had raked hills and then another area where a quartz stringer had been chipped at many years ago.  My friends attacked the raked hills which they thought had been detected with GB2s.  They had 7000s. (I had my 7000 with me but I wanted to swing something different!)  I started out on some of the same little hills but quickly tired of nothing good and I headed for some areas that had not been raked.  
      We spent about an hour at this location and we were about to leave when I got a signal on my 800.  It was a 1.  I did a bit of a foot scrape and pick scrape and it was still there.  This time it was not foil.  I scrapped a bit more and was encouraged by its depth of 4 inches.  I came upon a piece of quartz and got it out of the way and the signal was gone.  I swung and the signal was in the quartz but the rock was dirty.  I put it in my pouch with the other trash.  It weighs about a pound and a half.  We left.
      About 2 hours later we stopped at another place to explore and I had time to pour some bottled tea on the quartz.  I looked and tested and my friend had a loop and he said it is definitely gold.  I looked and sure enough it is.  I haven't been able to do a specific gravity test on it yet but I don't think there is much gold.  Upon further testing the 7000 can see it from about 15 inches above on an air test and the 800 can see it about 8 inches.  There are a couple of more dense masses in it somewhere but I'm just glad the 800 could see it.  I was in Gold 1.

    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, Ended up heading out about 3pm for a late afternoon detect with the Zed to a local spot of old timer workings. Within 5 minutes I had my first signal & it sounded good. So good I decided to do a short video clip so you could hear the faint but positive little signal in among the schist bedrock. After a bit of smashing & hard effort it morphed into a damn shotgun pellet.  I ended up getting a few of those. They all sucked me in.  After a few hours I had nothing to show for my efforts. The sun sets about 5.30 & it was approaching that time with maybe another half hour before dark starts to descend. I even got my share of large hot rocks that had me digging quite deep in glacial deposit material. From the last one of those I walked up to the top of a run of schist that the other side dropped off down into a deep tailing race. Tailing race to the right, glacial material to the left. 
      I got a faint little hit & wasn't holding my breath with all the pellets that sounded exactly the same that I had been getting. Dug into it & it lived on to a bit of depth before the signal was out. Doesn't that schist just look so great for trapping gold.   Might have to get the GM & GB2 into it.
      Ye Ha. Gold it was.
      Broke what was  looking like going to be a skunk. Whew....
      That was my lot. Happy with the find I high tailed it out of there. Cheers.
      Good luck out there
    • By oneguy
      some noogies since last post and I also got some coin shootin in last weekend for about 3 hrs.  Gold has been slow with a few skunks including today plus I got rained on and soaked....lol.  First time I've had the etrac out for coins in over a year...wished the gold was as easy as coin shootin!!!!!  Gold was got with the monster....  Coins were 1921s/1935 wheats,1919s Merc, 1899 V nickel,1898 Indian.....