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Nuke em

Beach Finds , Last 3 Trips

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Since i posted on the 18th i have been out 3 times but haven't found any more gems . I went out early in the morning and worked the tide out each time , all the beaches are either building up now or are very quiet . The first of the 3 trips i used my Explorer XS and found £13.00p exactly . The second trip out i took the Explorer 11 and it was a better search , conditions weren't that much better but small areas had changed which enabled me to pull out £33.95p and a 2 Euro coin and a coin which i haven't identified . 

Today i took the Explorer 11 as well and found only £8.47p , i didn't stay out as long as it was obvious all the beaches were hopeless , i was lucky to find what i did . All of it other than a very few coins were high in the dry .

Thats my lot for this month . Total for this month was just over £166 , 1 Gold and 2 Silver rings for 7 trips out , my first trip isn't on here . That was on the 6th and had £13.20p.

My next trip is in a weeks time , though i will be missing the long tides . But that doesn't matter much , the long tides mess the beaches up at times so i will be happy to hit the beaches after the peak tides.

5) £13.00p FOUND 25-01-18 E. XS.JPG

6) £33.95p FOUND 27-01-18 E. 11.JPG

7) £8.47p FOUND 29-01-18 E. 11.JPG

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That's a nice haul and 3 rings out of 7 trips puts you on a nice pace for the year. 

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Nice finds for sure:biggrin:

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    • By Jackpine
      First two pics are from previous hunts at a fresh water beach with the ID Edge.
      Found an area where the sand moved out a bit and made some older finds.  The 2 large rings had been in the water quite a while the small one is a newer drop probably from last year all marked 925.

      and today's very first finds with the Nox.  Small Sterling Silver bracelet and the usual stuff.  The melted car looks a bit like a Delorean that perhaps did too many time travels and the large metal ball.. I have no idea what that's from. Perhaps a weight from a fishing net?
    • By schoolofhardNox
      Possibly my last beach hunt until fall. They don't allow detecting while the public is using the beach, once they open for the season. Today I tried 2 beaches, but quickly left the first one to go back to a more reliable one. It was a good move. The gold streak continues with 2 (possibly 3) gold items. I found some nice silver too, including a beefy .925 Academy ring. Great day to be out detecting and I finally found my first gold chain with the Equinox!

    • By Nuke em
      As the Equinox is having trouble with EMI and other things on the beach where i go i decided to use my E.Trac today . I got to the beach after 3pm and searched the lower beach till low tide walking for around a mile . I found a few coins here and there through out the search and it seems that the Nox hasn't been missing that much . I found most of the coins at similar depths i was finding the coins yesterday with the Nox except for a couple that would have been i think to deep for it . I still find the ET much better for target info and tones than the Nox . I also found a Silver ring and a Bell , dont know what its made of though .
      After searching the lower beach i went on the tops but it was very quiet for finds so i finished and left for home at 7.30pm . Not sure when i'm out next , might be tomorrow but i might leave it till next Tuesday . The weather is going to warm up a bit over the next few days , typical . I have to work for 6 days after tomorrow .

    • By Nuke em
      Today i took the Nox out again and only the Nox "mistake" ! I went to the beach at around 12 noon so i could work the tide out then do the tops for the fresh losses and i am sure there would have been some . The machine behaved mostly lower down the beach between the tides where i found all the finds for today . I didn't have any gems this time , considering the conditions of the beach i am surprised . It looked good . 
      But like i said it was a mistake to only take the Nox , normally i would take the Terra and change the machines over on the Anderson shaft. When i tried to use the Nox on the dry tops like the last trip i had nothing but interference from something . Maybe EMI from the clubs again or maybe mobile phones ?? plenty of people using them on the beach today . It got so bad that the headphones kept tripping out and the machines main speaker would go on , then the machine would just go silent like when the ET or Explorer's would nul on a target of Iron or something . I noise cancelled several times but it made no difference at all. So i gave up at around 4pm and headed home . My finds for today were £15.03p and 2 foreign coins .
      It is an understatement to say how bad the conditions of the beaches i search are , and many think i am being negative . I'm not . From now i will only take the Nox out with the Terra 705 , it will mean more weight in the rucksack but its the only way to make sure i have a machine for all areas of the beaches i do . The Nox works in the water and up to the ridge where it gets level with the tops but on the tops its hopeless . I will have to visit another beach elsewhere at some point .
      Tomorrow i am thinking using the ET so i can go on the tops and do a little in the tidals too , on that beach that and the Explorer 11 are the only machines i have that can do all areas without trouble . Except for some nulling on Iron and bonfire markings , that will be early in the morning at 5am till 10am if i go . Tuesday is a definite due to 6 days working after that. 
      Very frustrating !

    • By Nuke em
      This morning the tide was in early so i went to the beach for an 8am start , the tides are a bit short right now and much of the beaches are built up .
      I used the Nox today and i decided to have a go on the dry tops and try to solve the EMI issues . First though i got my feet wet looking for goodies low down and came across a few coins and a knackered strange looking Silver ring with its band broken . When i got to the area that has the worst EMI i went up to the tops and did a noise cancel , this time it worked . Though only for 15 minutes or so then i had to do it all over again and then again ...... .
      By the end of the search i had found £22.72p and the Silver ring . I wish the Gold would show up , maybe it will on the longer tides when i can get onto sand but then i am working the next long tides so might have to wait till later . I saw 2 other detectorists , 1 with an E.Trac and the other with a cheapie machine , dont know which machine .
      My next day out is in the weekend . Working tomorrow .

    • By Nuke em
      Tuesday evening after work i went to the beach again , even though it was a bit cooler and misty i thought maybe there would be something to be had. I got to the beach at around the same time as the last time at 7.15pm and used my Terra , i took the Nox with me in case the lower beach looked suitable to detect . But it didn't , using the Terra is easier on my beaches on the dry tops.
      I searched the same beach as last time plus another East and by 10.30 i was almost finished when a couple with a torch appeared and were looking for something . They said the Girl had lost a Silver ring , they seearched one area but i thought after looking that they must have lost it slightly further away . And i was right , within a few minutes i had found it . So thats 19 i have had this year , though i dont have a picture of it . My total finds for this search were 2 Junk rings , a junk ear ring , the Silver ring (returned) and £30.69p and also 2 Pencil sharpeners ! 
      My next search will be with the Nox further West on Thursday morning for low tide . Time to find Gold , if its there . I know fresh coinage might be boring to some but to me its what pays for my machines and thankfully it does. It will be a sad time when it all finally goes cashless , finding coins will be very nostalgic .