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Since i posted on the 18th i have been out 3 times but haven't found any more gems . I went out early in the morning and worked the tide out each time , all the beaches are either building up now or are very quiet . The first of the 3 trips i used my Explorer XS and found £13.00p exactly . The second trip out i took the Explorer 11 and it was a better search , conditions weren't that much better but small areas had changed which enabled me to pull out £33.95p and a 2 Euro coin and a coin which i haven't identified . 

Today i took the Explorer 11 as well and found only £8.47p , i didn't stay out as long as it was obvious all the beaches were hopeless , i was lucky to find what i did . All of it other than a very few coins were high in the dry .

Thats my lot for this month . Total for this month was just over £166 , 1 Gold and 2 Silver rings for 7 trips out , my first trip isn't on here . That was on the 6th and had £13.20p.

My next trip is in a weeks time , though i will be missing the long tides . But that doesn't matter much , the long tides mess the beaches up at times so i will be happy to hit the beaches after the peak tides.

5) £13.00p FOUND 25-01-18 E. XS.JPG

6) £33.95p FOUND 27-01-18 E. 11.JPG

7) £8.47p FOUND 29-01-18 E. 11.JPG

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That's a nice haul and 3 rings out of 7 trips puts you on a nice pace for the year. 

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Nice finds for sure:biggrin:

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