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It would certainly take a lot of dedication and skills that exceed any I currently have. I also have no interest in dealing with China hackers. I'd just like to see the V3i able to communicate with other V3is, a PC and vice versa. As many machines as have passed through my hands, the V3i is a machine that I do not plan to part with for the foreseeable future. I just love the whole concept and wish it were taken a little further. I am baffled however at the talent Whites has let get away from their stables. I don't quite understand it. I can easily see a day where FT sits on top of the heap. The talent is there and now the facility is there. I wish you and everyone there all the best Geotech. Big admirer of the work you guys have done.

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All that hacking is fun for those of you that want to tinker with codes etc. Since I bought my E-Trac my V3i has been benched for the most part.. I spent 3 yrs learning the V3i and on my 2nd yr with the Etrac. I pretty much just like to work with what you have while in the field detecting.. 

I am amazed to see how many people are into the hacking. Actually I think it is cool but not for me

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